AC Harnness - I need help

Hi Guys,

can somebody help? I have for my Tornado Kit a A/C System from "Nostalgic AC Parts" and i don´t understand the diagrams from Tornado and NACP. In the attchement i have my diagram and the diagram from NACP. If somebody knows the connection Position 1 - 7 - Thanks.



Andy Green

Hi Frank,
From when I built my Tornado, of all the electrical systems on the car, sorting out how the AC should work through the trinary switch was the biggest headache
However from was you have put in your diagram, it should be wired up as follows:
1 to 3&4​
2 to 5​
6 to 7​
! would add another relay to control the A/C compressor clutch

Chris Kouba


Posts like this were the reason I left the AC system incomplete (installed but not wired) for years. After getting sufficiently motivated, I did some research and discovered that the trinary switch is nothing more than a switch which checks for pressure and temperature and then either allows for the compressor and fan to trigger, or prevents them from it. If there is insufficient refrigerant, you will burn up your system. If there is too much pressure, you risk blowing it up. It is fairly simple, don't be discouraged! If you can build the rest of this car, you can certainly do this part.

I would concur with Andy's post above about which connections to make. It really is straightforward, and the difference it makes to be able to use your car when it's hot is HUGE!


Paul Hendrickx

Hi all, the temperature sensor in the evaporator, is actually the most important to controle the on and of off the compressor, mainly to prevent the evaporator to freeze up and to block the gas, damaging the compressor. so this temp sensor has to be well placed in the fins of the evaporator, cuts the compressor out as from 1-1,5° celsius and restart as by 3°celsius again .
in fact the compressor clutch should never be possible to be activated when the blowerfan inside the car cabin is not running
trinary switch acts for low pressure aswel high pressure.

Bill Kearley

Take a look at Vintage Air. The wiring scimatic they have makes it simple. Use the trinary not the binary. Your compressor clutch should not come on with no refrigerant in the system. Yup Paul's post happened at the same time as mine, Easy to wire up ,good luck.

Paul Hendrickx

Hi Franky, if you wire .up as per schematic, i will work. and add 1relay for the compressor clutch.
so you and the wires can stay cool...!
[QUOTE = "Franky, Post: 530928, Mitglied: 26636"] Hallo Leute,

Kann jemand helfen? Ich habe für mein Tornado-Kit eine Klimaanlage von "Nostalgic AC Parts" und verstehe die Diagramme von Tornado und NACP nicht. Im Attchement habe ich mein Diagramm und das Diagramm von NACP. Wenn jemand die Verbindung kennt Position 1 - 7 - Danke.

Frank [/ QUOTE]
hallo die 1 und 7 geht zu Hauptschalter von Klimaanlage sory ich kann nur czek und deutsch sprechen