An electric GT40? Why not?

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For me its the challenge of vehicle packaging for batteries. Theres no space to get them under the driver, not enough height to do much with in the front, and you need a drive unit in the rear....either of those options would really bias the weight it leaves you with where the current 'fuel cells' the sills......

There isnt really enough space to get anything amazing in them, and pretty risky in terms of side crash.
Tarde o temprano, después de 11 años de trabajar en una réplica con mis dos amigos, hemos visto cambios en el mundo del automóvil, que nos hace cuestionar dónde estaremos parados cuando al fin terminemos nuestro proyecto.

We will hear the sound of our V8 while others are silent with their electric cars, our passion will make us different. This topic came to my mind precisely because of that, they are taking icons to put batteries on them and I think we will have to be tolerant, however, I think that in this group we are all clear about how important it is to achieve a replica as it is, every time we advance in the GTX project, we admire those who made this beautiful car more than 50 years ago, they were all geniuses.

We must face the future and gather ideas, the hydrogen option, as someone commented, is perhaps the most appropriate ecological option for this car, however there would be something pending, the sound, very important, gives it the necessary robustness for this car to have a true character.

Seeing an electric GT40 is perhaps the closest thing to a silent film, so the hydrogen option can give what is necessary to be moderately pleased and adjusted to the current context.
Sorry, I wrote the first paragraph in Spanish! I apologize to everyone!

I meant...

"Sooner or later, after 11 years of working on a replica with my two friends, we have seen changes in the automotive world, which makes us question where we will be standing when we finally finish our project."
Sorry, I wrote the first paragraph in Spanish! I apologize to everyone!

I meant...

"Sooner or later, after 11 years of working on a replica with my two friends, we have seen changes in the automotive world, which makes us question where we will be standing when we finally finish our project."
I can certainly understand this thought. I am seeing quite a difference in the cars being sold this year and what is being pushed. I feel like I am at least 10 years into my build as well. Been wanting it for a very long time. I am not sure what the finish line will look like when I get there.

maybe I will have to have an electric assistance motor in addition to the petrol V8.
maybe there will be HCCI heads available to further improve the efficiency of a petrol engine by another 40% making it comparable with total lifecycle emissions of an EV?


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Good golly - that orange interior is waaaaaaay too loud for this guy….
Atleast the two exhaust speakers can then compensate for the loudness… or lack there of.


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Rob Klein

IMO, an electric motor in a GT 40 is racist ( don't flame me you all know it's funny ) It just doesn't seem right to me. I can see this being cool in a prototype track car, like a Radical ect..... But a GT 40 nooooooooooooo
Even though I prefer the ICE version, I say let the EV mods fly! I'd rather see a massively iconic car continue on and it gives ford ideas, thats how the gen 2 worked itself into production. The new vehicles have a large weight disadvantage because of all the added safety/electronics, so sticking with a 2500lb platform means way less KW's required so everything can be sized way down, and a faster charge time. Also your CG would be near the top of the batteries.
Living in an "electrified" country (not driving an EV and not planning to either) i have more belief in alternative fueling to the combustion engine than this electric black magic stuff. I mean EV's have good performance etc but what are we going to charge them with when we are already low on energy?
Although it comes with a huge list of other issues, 100 sq.miles of solar panels for u.s. covers it.
I am still 50/50 on electric but one massive draw for me is just how much less potential mechanical component failure there is compared to the ICE counterpart. I mean just a transmission alone eliminates thousands of potential failure points. Sure, there's alot of windings/armatures, but how often do they fail?
But do you have any idea how many opportunities there are for failure in the electronics? And they do have a transmission, altho much simpler. And of the last 4 ice vehicles I've owned (bought new) they have all made it past 125K miles without needing any service to the engine or transmission other than factory recommended oil changes.

That argument is a red herring.

And all of the additional weigh makes tires not last as long and the spec'ed tires are more expensive because of the additional weigh demand. I'm suspecting in reality, you'll see the same additional stresses (from weight) cause more suspension wear issues.
More to that. I was scratching my head, 100 square miles? No, article says 100x100 miles... 10,000 square miles.

Even that, I don't know what optomistic production number they're using. Consider, in the winter, you only have sun 30% of the day, and then only on cloudless days. I've looked at my solar installation's actual output, and it's half what I thought was a realistic calculated guess. Under clouds, they put out 5% rated power. When it is sunny and a blazing 100 degrees, they only do 80%. Average those two extremes and yea, no. But I did it DIY with surplus parts without high expectations thinking jumped to my golf cart as battery back up, I'll have some back up power when the grid is down.