Any unfinished ERA's out there?

As with other hopefuls, looking for that diamond in a field in Arkansas... I digress. I have narrowed some of my sights. I do not want a finished car, where is the fun there? Are there any ERA MK1's out there unfinished?

Don't think I have ever seen an unfinished ERA GT40 as ERA pretty much finished all their cars. Here is a finished one that recently came up for sale.


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Everyone's idea of 'unfinished' differs, are these cars ever really finished? There's always something to fettle with! I have to bolt the 48 IDA's on to mine and retrofit A/C, so it's still kinda unfinished in my eyes.

Interestingly I pulled all the invoices for mine in trying to help someone value an unfinished car and ERA invoices totaled $78,400 for kit + extras in 1993 dollars (less engine and transaxle).