Anyone have sea legs?


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I've been involved with boating for many years. Offshore sailing and classic boating. My current hole in the water is a 1946 Higgins Sport Speedster with a Chrysler flathead 6.

NO sea legs here, a recent deep sea fishing trip put the end to that rumour... but then again the bottles of Rum we were drinking the night before might not have helped /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crazy.gif

That's a classic! Absolutely Beautiful!
I have a friend who is into similar tastes. He has a 1957
20' varnished mahogany Chris Craft, which he tows with a
black and white 1957 Chevy Belair. Together, they look pretty cool!
My sea legs involve a 1979 52' Buddy Davis. It's mahogany too, but a bit too big to varnish! I think I killed a rain forest worth of sandpaper, the last time that I prepped it for painting! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shocked.gif Yearly varnishing is NOT an option at my age!



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Been a live aboard twice. The first was a 63' Sparkman Stephens steel hull ketch built by DeVries Lench in the late 60's. Found her rotting in a boat yard in Ft Pierce Florida and spent two years making her seaworthy again. Then the current one is a 44' motor sailer with twin Perkins but we no longer live aboard.
Very nice Neal.
I own "Manhattan Express" 38 Cigarette hull #1 Took her down the East River to the Lady last Sunday. Over 1000 hours
but she's still going strong... (Motors rebuilt several times 650CI SM III's)

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Classic boating is awesome. I can't swing it right now. Although I don't have a boat, my dad had two. We sold them and now he's getting a smaller Palmer Johnson. He had two Christensens.

Although I love boats I don't know anything about the makes or models. So I'm sure I'm not appreciating Neal's boat as much as I should, although it's very pleasing to look at.


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Does this count?? Spend 10 months working on and in this 5 man submersible a couple of years ago. Capable of diving to 1000ft. Even learned to drive it. Great fun.
Glad to see this post. Bill Bayard and I have had some good exchanges about boats...mine is a 71 Hatteras 36 convertible I've restored. Look for an article in Soundings on her this fall; they just shot the photos. If she's on the cover you'll hear the howl of joy out on the west coast without a telephone. I'll try to put a picture up sometime.
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