Hey guys...I have this Audi transaxle and I can't figure out how to get info on the gearing. Any
help is appreciated. Photos attached with the outer markings etc.
Jamie the marks you want are a 3 letter code on the top of the bell housing.
, the numbers you have shown are only casting numbers etc and are meaningless.
cheers John
White City, Oregon. Anyway, he bought this transaxle from another fellow back in 2014 and never ended up building whatever it was he was going to. My project is actually a Countach but not just any "kit" ... a handmade original spec car.


You can follow the build on Facebook under KEUL BODY REPLICA.
Jamie, I know a Larry Harper here in Tucson.
Someone may be using his photo and identity for scamming. I did a lot of detective work online and found out the transaxle was a scam. I asked for a license and he sent a bad photoshop and an extra photo of this supposed "Larry Harper". This scammer went to the trouble of chasing down two different ZF ads and stealing their photos and some of the descriptions. Phone number is a VOIP. Not safe out there anymore, sad

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