1. D

    LS3 mated transaxle

    Looking at using an LS3 in a mid engine configuration and was looking for some direction on which trans axle and adapter would be best suited?
  2. M

    Brand new transaxle to a BMW M1.

    I have a brand new transaxle from BMW to a BMW M1, ZF 5DS-25-2 from ther overstock of gearboxes, This gearbox are stronger than from Panteras, Mangusta or GT40 and are original for normal position and not upside down like in a Pantera. Perfect for low engine placement for a low center of gravity...
  3. C

    C8 Corvette Transaxle

    Good morning everyone. I have been counting down the days with anticipation until the new C8 Corvette was officially released. Having owned a corvette before, naturally I am a big fan and couldn't contain myself the moment the president of GM drove the car on stage. The Z51 performance package...
  4. R

    C8 VETTE

    I know it due to launch latter today, anyone know if its likely to have a manual transmission option and if the transaxle will work for the GT40? C8 Corvette
  5. SCS_Nathan

    New Transaxle Option

    (Reposting in the correct forum section) Hi everyone, Nathan here, proud new forum sponsor! :) We're looking for feedback on our brand new transaxle, which has a lot of goodies. 6-speed street sequential built for high torque V8's. It's got a quick change rear end, built in pump, solenoid bump...
  6. SCS_Nathan

    New Transaxle Option

    Hi everyone, Nathan here, proud new forum sponsor! :) We're looking for feedback on our brand new transaxle, which has a lot of goodies. 6-speed street sequential built for high torque V8's. It's got a quick change rear end, built in pump, solenoid bump stick shifting (no more cables!), and...
  7. S

    AUDI 012 INFO

    Hey guys...I have this Audi transaxle and I can't figure out how to get info on the gearing. Any help is appreciated. Photos attached with the outer markings etc.
  8. L

    Graziano vs. RBT

    'Tired of trying to get Google to cooperate: What is the difference in overall length between an RBT 5-gear transaxle vs. a Graziano 5-gear? Weight diff? Thanks...
  9. M

    FS USA Porsche gt2 6 spd transaxle package - $13000.00

    We decided to install a sequential transaxle in the SLC race car and now have a Porsche gt2 6 speed transaxle (G96/88) available for sale along with clutch, flywheel, throw out bearing, adapter plate for LS motors, cables, shifter, starter, axles, and hubs as a complete package with spares. All...
  10. C

    New Transaxle Option?

    The new 2020 rear engine Vette looks to have a new transaxle option. Its a ways off but should be designed to handle 500+BHP. Tremec, paddle shift only Oh, did we not mention the transaxle? (Note that we used the singular form of the word.) There will be only one gearbox, and it won’t come...
  11. G

    Inverted 997 tranny oil level

    I researched but was unable to get a definitive answer. Its my understanding that a Porsche 997 transaxle takes 3 quarts of oil. By inverting the transaxle will it now require more oil for proper lubrication??? Thanks
  12. Kim Haun

    50/52 Transaxle Cooler

    My 50/52 transaxle has fittings for a cooler. But I'm wondering if I need some sort of pump to move the oil? Or is there an internal mechanism that moves the oil? Kim
  13. C

    Need for Transaxle

    Hi, everyone: To make a long story short ("supplier issues" is putting it diplomatically) I will be needing a ZF box or a Quaife 3.50 ratio transaxle for a new Superformance GT40 MKII I have coming in. Does anyone have a lead on such a box? Please just email me at [email protected]
  14. 7

    Has anyone ever gotten a Griffin transaxle......

    I'm in the planning stages for a GT40 car and am looking at my options for the transaxle. I want to do a right hand drive setup with the shifter on the right, so cable shifter. It seems like the best I've found so far is a Porsche 6-speed. Rebuilt by a reputable company with an adapter plate...
  15. 5

    For sale ad not appering...

    Have tried to make a ad for a transaxle I have for sale, but it’s not appearing. Am I doing something wrong? Probably a admin question..?..
  16. C

    Wanted: RBT 5 speed transaxle

    Wanted: RBT 5 speed transaxle. Contact Elliot at 941-468-0433 or [email protected]
  17. Big-Foot

    Oddball transaxle setups

    I saw these pictures on FaceBook and harvested them for posting here. I had seen / read other references to the NZ based Stanton Corvette, but I don't recall seeing pictures this good before. From what I have read, the drive system was not at all problematic and the car did rather well.
  18. S

    ZF 5DS-25 specifications

    Hello friends,I have a ZF Transmission,and wish to know how can be 100% sure if it belongs to a GT40. With photos from the Identification Plate and from the dissasembled transaxle can be enough to certify it? Thank you
  19. S

    Shifting for Audi transaxle (01e/01X/etc)

    I've just joined the forum. I don't have a GT40, but I am building a Spire GTR for road use and found this site via google searches. I'm trying to make it as LoCost as reasonably possible. I'm looking to use an Audi transaxle but there's obviously going to be an engine in the way between the...
  20. S

    Limited slip ?

    If I never plan on running my car on a race track do I even need a lsd transaxle?