Audi 016 transaxle shift pattern

Good day All.

Amongst other thing I am trying to finalize on my project at the moment is the gearshift operation

As I have never seen the Audi 016 transaxle gear linkage in a donor car, I am unsure what the shift pattern at the transaxle is. I have tried to research it, but am still not convinced I have it right.

Looking at the box from the (car) rear, shift actuator input lever on the transaxle is on the left hand side, with lever pointing straight upwards:
Move actuator to left, pull lever backwards = 1st
Move actuator to left, push lever forwards = 2nd
Actuator in center position, pull lever backwards = 3rd
Actuator in center position, push lever forwards = 4th
Move actuator to right, push lever backwards = 5th
Move actuator to right, pull lever backwards = reverse

Is this correct? If not, what is the correct pattern?

Any help appreciated