Audi Transaxle Gearing

I was at Ken's farm right after LeMans. I know he has had lots of virus trouble on his computer and lost a lot of e-mails. He is also very busy with the restoration of the old french farm. His interest in the forty is still there,but he doesn't seem to have a lot of spare time to devote to it.
I would also be interested in one (or more) sets of the 3U fifth gears. At one time Roaring Forties had said that they were having some made but I haven't heard if they actually did or not. One one of the threads here someone said that the 016 design had been sold to a Chinese company since Audi no longer uses it. Does anyone know what company this is and would they maybe have these sets at possibly a good price? I have looked into having some made but unless I buy a very large number the price is very high.
Roaring Forties has made five of these fifth gears and they have all been spoken for. As soon as there are more to be had I will post it. The price is $500. USD.

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Please refresh my feeble mind....what ratio was this
and approximately when do you expect more to be available?
Are we talking weeks, months, or a year?

I apologize for the late response. I'm having computer problems and I have to use my brothers computer to check all my mail and the forum until I get mine repaired.
The fifth gear is a .64 which make for a good road gear.
I believe there has been new ones made but I will check with Robert.
Would you like to order one? If so please send me an e mail.

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