Audi Transaxle Gearing


There are several different 016 box gearsets.
There are some Forum threads with the specifics, and I think
the GT40 UK Club has a spreadsheet on their website
under the GTD build section.

On top of the bell housing, the tranny code is stamped
with a letter that designates the gears/final drive.
Nearly all 016 boxes found in the US are Code N or AAZ,
which have pretty steep gearing. Europe also used a "U" code box which has a much lower final drive, and is the one
Hershal uses in his car. Unfortunately no one in Europe
seems interested helping locate and export these to us.

Robert Logan just announced that RF40 has contracted
with someone to make new low ratio ring/pinions for Audis,
which we are all waiting with great anticipation to see
what the cost will be.



Unfortunately no one in Europe
seems interested helping locate and export these to us.

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Hi there! Who have you tried? What sort of quantity are we looking at, say over a year?


That is if WE'RE in Europe. Are we? No one seems very sure over here. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif

The Audi boxes in the US are very cheap...$ 100-300 used.
Unfortunately nearly all are the 5N or AAZ code which
have too high final gearing, which is a particular
pain for those of us who want to drive long distances.
The 3U code tranny still has a steep ring/pinion ratio,
but the 5th gear ratio is .64 which drops the highway speed
down to acceptable limits.

Several members on the Forum would be interested in 3U
boxes if the cost wasn't too high. I'd have to ask around
to see how many are still interested. 5 or 6 boxes to start
would not be unreasonable depending on the cost.
Speaking of the cost, if the cost to ship these to the US
is prohibitively high, again, depending on the cost,
there could be a market for just pulling the 5th gear assembly out and shipping those. They change
out rather easily in the Audi, and would essentially achieve
the same goal.

Of course now that Robert is planning to offer a reduced
ratio ring/pinion, that would be an even better solution
since it will affect the speed range of all the gears.
However price/availability has not been announced for that yet, so until it happens, I'd still love to get my hands
on some of these 3U boxes or 5th gear set.



No guarantees, but I'll ask around. I would have thought RF option of gear sets a lot cheaper than shipping heavy stuff over the pond. However, sea freight is not that bad. Shipping 1's or 2's won't really cut it freight wise, though that's why I wondered about quantity. Think 1/2 shipping container! (probably fill it up with a few other '40 spares!) /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif

Robert has announced the ring/pinion will be $ 1800 !
That's not going to work for most of us.
So we're back to changing 5th gear alone.

The more I think about it, the more it appears to make sense
simply pull the 5th gear assy from the tranny and ship that
to me. The air freight cost would be low, and I'd be happy
to buy the whole tranny just to get 5th if the price was right. Again...these things sell for $ 100 and up in the US.
No idea what they sell for in the UK. Can you check?

By the way...looking at Ken Saunders page on www.gt40club,
it appears there several Code 016 trannies with the .64
ratio 5th gear...not just the 3U. Are there breakers
in the UK that specialize in Audis/VW?

Thanks for your help!


Why dont you put together a list of the 016 tranny codes that would be acceptable and worth shipping over. Even more helpfull, what years and models (European names since e.g. there never was an Audi 5000 over here) they came out of.

To be honest I havent dealt with any junkyards over here but I sure can try.


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Anyone know Ken there at his site? I have emailed him for years to put a link from there to here since he seems to have lots of other links. NEVER a response. Does he not like Not like me? I don't think he posts here, that I know of, but I bet $$$ he reads here.

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Way before this site ever came into being, I used to correspond
with Ken. I have to admit, I am kind of surprised he
hasn't dropped in.

Ken pointed me in Robert's direction in '98 or so, and he
also gave me some contact infor for Bud. He also answered
a number of qustions as well.

Haven't tried getting in touch with him for a long time, I
know he was busy with his French "estate" ...



Hi Mike! Yes, I'll check around but I would have thought Lukas better placed in Austria where they would be much more plentiful. Howsomever, I'll make some calls.

Regards, /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif


By the way Mike, $1,800 was Roberts COST without R&D and any mark-up. They should be waay more than that at a fair retail price, but that's the penalty for one-offs and short runs.

See above link to GT40 club website and click on
Audi transaxle data. I'm looking for the .64 ratio fifth gear assembly from any model Audi 016 trans.


I have no idea how common/uncommon the 016 is in the UK.
I'm not looking for 10 or 20 gearsets. I only need (2)
and depending on the cost, others in the US may want one as well.

The Audi pinion gear is integral with the shaft, so I'm
not at all surprised by the high cost. For those just starting out, that cost is about the same as a G50 trans,
and in that case it makes no sense to buy an 016 and then spend thousands to change the ring/pinion.

Some of us who already own the 016 tranny/adapter/clutch parts/shifter/etc are simply
looking for a cost effective way of lowering the highway
rpm. Furthermore, if I was able to spend $ 3,000 on an 016,
I'd go for the Audi 6-speed (used) for about the same cost.
Alas I don't have $ 3,0000 to upgrade my tranny.
Thanks for any help you can lend.