Audi transaxle issue

Hey Guys,

Ive had this beautiful Car for 6 months and haven't had it out much. Ive probably put less than 500 kms on her so I'm still getting to know the car.

I am having an issue with the gearbox and I've attached photos to help see whats happening.

First i will explain what is happening physically.

When driving last night it was a little difficult to grab gears but i assumed it just felt weird due to it being a month or two before i had driven previously. Then whilst heading down the freeway it was difficult to get 5th and would grind and not go in. I went back to fourth and it too was difficult to get her into that so gave it a little rev and it went in so i did the same with 5th and got her in. Upon arriving at my destination (about 15 min later) when the clutch pedal was pressed the car still ever so slightly wanted to creep forward so that tells me the clutch was not completing its full travel. (no clutch slip when in gear).

I parked it up for a bit and had a look and notice quite a large amount of oil/grease that has been flung around the engine bay as it looks like it has come from the coupler? (not sure what its called) but that is what the photos show. Then i dropped a mate off at home and couldn't grab reverse (very embarrassing) then pushed her back and managed to grab 2nd and 4th for the trip home. When i got to my driveway (in 2nd gear) i pressed the clutch in (to slow up, as if i go to fast it will scrape out) but the car stalled because it never came out of gear (freespin) so then i pressed clutch in and tried to start again and the car was moving under the starter motor power then fired up and it went a couple of meters before i had to shut it off because the clutch wasn't disengaging.

I hope someone can point me in the right direction as i am new to this but am fairly competent once i understand what i need to do.

My thoughts at this stage is a broken seal somewhere hence the thick oil everywhere and the gear selection progressively getting worse meaning a leak, The gold colour band around the coupler looks a little average and can be moved with a screwdriver but I'm not sure if thats the problem. There does look to be a larger buildup around one side of the coupler and all fling marks of oil are in line with that as well.
I have had no experience on these before and thought id try my best to get the brains on the subject.
Many thanks everybody. It is truly appreciated,




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Here are some more photos of the issue.


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The grease that has escaped appears from your photos to be from the CV joints. That is an easy fix as it could be as simple as the cap screws being loose. Worst case scenario is that the axels will need to be removed, repacked and resealed. This problem is not related to your gear selection issues which others will comment on.


Do you have pedal feel ? ie:- is there fluid in the master cyl res ?
Otherwise Its a clutch issue or thro out bearing failure--
take it back to Roaring Forties and complain like buggery :laugh
then report back
Just got in and checked the res and she's full. There was pedal feel. Looks like I am going to have to do a lot more investigating.

Thanks very much for the reply mate.

Additionally does anyone know how I can tell what transaxle I have. And also where to get info e.g. Manual and diagrams. The numbers on the box are 016301211d and I believe it's an Audi 5spd.
Ok, I think I know the car,
I may have some info' for you.
Private message me with some way to contact you.
I am awake all hours so if you want to chat I can call. :)

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"The gold colour band around the coupler looks a little average and can be moved with a screwdriver but I'm not sure if thats the problem".

The gold colored band...should not be able to move. It is a cover over the CV internals, and should be firmly compressed between the CV and the output shaft. Multiple Porsche forums indicate that the cap screws have a history of coming loose, which appears to be the problem as Russell said.
Hey guys, an update on where it's at. You guys nailed the grease part, the allen bolts were extremely loose so checked both sides and the other side was tight. Now just have to figure that out.
I'd be checking the clutch release. Is the clutch disengaging? Maybe drop the stop a few millimetres and see if things improve. I had to do that before the first run of my car to get a good shift. It's easiest if you get the car up on stands with the wheels off and get someone at the back to report when you get drive.
All this assume the gear selection mechanism from lever to box is OK as well as the box itself!
Hey guys thanks again for the response and ideas. At this stage it looks like it's fixed. Was speaking Tim and it really sounded like it was air in the line. So bled the clutch lines and replaced all the fluid and she seems to be good now. So as long as there isn't a leak somewhere then hopefully the problems have been solved for now. Again I can't believe how helpful you guys have been. It is greatly appreciated and I can see it's a great community on here!
If you haven't already, you should put some red loctite or thread locker on those cv bolts. Happened to one of mine a couple years ago, never any problems since. S
I use Schnorr (Belleville) type washers on the CV bolts. Worked better than red loctite. Hard to keep grease off the threads applying loctite.