Avon Tires

I finally broke down and bought a set of Avons for my GT. They are ridiculously expensive! $1500 to my door step but work very well.
My car has always broken something everytime I have attended a track event and for that reason I have never put on a set of sticky tires, but I have recently upgraded the axles and uprights and now have confidence in the car.
I attended the Western States Cobra Bash last week and had the oppurtunity of driving with the Cobra guys at Reno Fernley Raceway.
There were several other GT40's there,including Howard Jones, and it was the most GT's attending one of their events
It was a lot of fun and was the first time I was able to drive the car hard, the tires were excellent and a huge improvement over my old Goodyear Eagle II's.
The rear tires are pretty lrge, about 27" and the fronts were an inch shorter that the Goodyears but the extra rake looks great and worked well.
Anyway, they are expensive but are sticky and predictable even though I never got them very hot.
Pictures now, video may come later.


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