Avons for 12" wheels

Had a call from Image today to say they could not fit the 295 Avon tyres they normally do to my 12" wheels something to do with Avon changing the spec of them as they have done it many times before, does anyone know if there is a larger tyre available as Image say not and I'll need to go to 10.5" width instead?


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Paul, will the Avon Historics work? Try the 12.5/27.0-15.
That is what I am, running on a 12" wheel. Choices are limited, the TB5 (or full tread but softer TB15 will work too), but they are quite short in side wall height. If that's not a concern you could also go to a Pirelli 345/35-15 tire, they are made in batches for the Lamborghini Countach guys and popular choice for later wide body Pantera's. Tire Rack sold off a bunch of 2012 manufacture date last year at $100 a tire (regular they are around $700) and I know a local Pantera parts dealer who hoarded a bunch and is reselling, but suspect shipping would be a killer to the UK.

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Thanks all I'll have a look at the suggestions, the problem I think I'll face is requiring them to be road legal in the UK, that's why I've been looking at the CR6ZZ ones which only go to 295's.



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Longstone tyres states the Michelin TB5 and TB15 as fully road legal on their site. The Pirelli's of course are too, but a much bigger investment although they would also hold up longer and provide greater peace of mind IMO.

I think most people want matching tyre compounds and treads front and rear and then it becomes a challenge to find options.


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I used TB5R for a while and quite satisfied with them although the height might be a bit short compare to AVON. In the past, I bought those from Vintage Tyres in UK, but recently looks Michelin Japan has started to sell vintage tyres locally, too. I sent a mail to Michelin Japan asking the quote! TB5R is not too sticky like recent tyres, but just nice for track days and last long which is good for my pocket!



I have the potential to have tyres manufactured for road legal replica Lola T70 Mk3Bs and other similar cars.
I am in the process of having a replica Lola T70 Mk3 built. Track focused, road legal.
I have been searching for a suitable road legal tyre that will work right AND look right
with no success. Currently the rear choice seems to be 17” rims with 335s or 15” rims with 295s.
I have begun a conversation with a (in my opinion the best) tyre manufacturer for GT40 type car
tyres to manufacture two new tyre sizes. These are the sizes under discussion:
27.5” diameter 14” section width - something like 355/45R15 rears
24.5” diameter 10” section width - something like 270/45R15 fronts
Ideally Y speed rated. Slightly increased diameter to fill arches with 100mm road ride height.
The ball-park initial quotation is in the region of £70-90K to produce tooling, design, develop and manufacture
- including modifying their machinery, with the manufacturer taking on the testing and approval process.
Sadly more than I can afford for a set of tyres. However if there were a number of people who wanted the same thing
- the more the better, but even with a handful of partners with the same interest this could be an option?
We would need to have a consensus on size to suit ‘our’ needs and also a tyre that stands a chance of finding a slightly
wider market…
Due to the progress of my project I am going to need to commit to tyres in the next couple of weeks.
If I don’t find interest in a partnership (Ltd Co) to share underwriting manufacturing costs, I will likely proceed with 17” custom
T70Mk3B wheels and Michelin Pilot Sport 2 or Pirelli P Zero tyres. Lead time for new tyre sizes is 6 - 12 months from green light.
I also have T70Mk3B lightweight body panels available and a currently dismantled GTD T70Mk3B with V5 which could be sold as is
or rebuilt to spec… Will be advertising these in due course.
If there is any serious interest in the above - please contact me for more details.
Giles Litton