Keep the updates coming. I don't normally like a video build as much as words and pictures. Funny that I would enjoy a build that isn't even in my language.
I am also enjoying your mix of High and low tech. From precise machining at the one extreme to the stick welding at the other.
I also saw you blow some holes when doing the control arms. I can do that with a MIG welder occasionally too. LOL.
Keep up the good work! I look everyday to see if you have any updates. This is currently my favorite build on the internet.
Salut! (I think that's right)

Thank you very much for your post :)
I will try to add some subtitles on my videos ;)

My last video is about the steering rack and the transmission between the steering wheel :D



I'm waiting for your coms :D

Salut !
I may not be adept with my high school French anymore, but I am translating everything you do, as you do it. Great work as usual.
I was going to give you some grief for removing the upright from the mill too soon because I thought you were using a tie rod end for the uppers. When I seen the tap come out then I knew you were using the heims. SALUT!
Hi everyone,

Some upgrade of my build ! I have started the rear axle, did the rear rods.
You can watch my video with the english subtitles ;)

see you seen ;)

This is my last video which talks about the engine !
As you know, I have scanned my V8 to model my chassis in CAD. But there is a trouble, I picked a pictures arround the engine to make the 3D, but I didn't have the under side.
Thus, I didn't know if the engine can fit in the chassis since that day... And.... the engine can't fit in the chassis because of one tube. I must remove and reposition it.