Keep the updates coming. I don't normally like a video build as much as words and pictures. Funny that I would enjoy a build that isn't even in my language.
I am also enjoying your mix of High and low tech. From precise machining at the one extreme to the stick welding at the other.
I also saw you blow some holes when doing the control arms. I can do that with a MIG welder occasionally too. LOL.
Keep up the good work! I look everyday to see if you have any updates. This is currently my favorite build on the internet.
Salut! (I think that's right)

Thank you very much for your post :)
I will try to add some subtitles on my videos ;)

My last video is about the steering rack and the transmission between the steering wheel :D



I'm waiting for your coms :D

Salut !
I may not be adept with my high school French anymore, but I am translating everything you do, as you do it. Great work as usual.
I was going to give you some grief for removing the upright from the mill too soon because I thought you were using a tie rod end for the uppers. When I seen the tap come out then I knew you were using the heims. SALUT!

This is my last video which talks about the engine !
As you know, I have scanned my V8 to model my chassis in CAD. But there is a trouble, I picked a pictures arround the engine to make the 3D, but I didn't have the under side.
Thus, I didn't know if the engine can fit in the chassis since that day... And.... the engine can't fit in the chassis because of one tube. I must remove and reposition it.

Hi everyone,

I missed this post, I'm late !!
Here is my video for the rear axle

This one is for the seats which come from UK (Corbeau Seats UK).

Ant the last one talks about the pedal box

I started the cockpit because of the GT40 is pretty small and I'm 1m78. So it's important to be comfortable.

See you next time !
Benjamin bravo , tu fais un boulot extraordinaire ,
si tu as des questions sur la GT40 aux quelles tu as pas de réponses , si je peux t'aider comme j'en ai une , hésite pas , je te donne mon tel en MP si tu veux .....
Excellent work Benjamin !!!!
Your video's are nicely done ; it's so pleasant to watch " young generation" involved in such build projects !!!!!!
I missed to share you some videos.

Please don't consider the ugly rims mounted. This is not the good ones, not the good diameter and wrong size of width.
Hi Benjamin ... Firstly, thanks for all the YouTube videos - really helpful!; I too am building a GT40 and have acquired an Audi 012 Transaxle. The transaxle in your pictures looks very much like an Audi 012 (= Porsche 968) from the Audi A4 4*cylinder range ? ... If so, you (not Audi) must have fitted the Audi 012 Transaxle to the Audi V8, because as far as I know, Audi does not do a front drive (Transaxle) with a V8. I understand that the Audi 012 Transaxle has two problems when used in a GT40: - [1] The 012 is meant for cars with maximum kW 180KW and Maximum Torque = 370Nm which I would think are much too low to survive behind any US V8 or Audi 4.2 V8 [2] the output shafts are below the input shaft which results in very high drive shaft angularity or pushes the engine too high.
Your comments ... thanks ....
AUDI 012 was used in AUDI V8 FWD cars....
AUDI A8 - 5 speed manual transmission. 012 - CPF,CVE,CUR,DAF,DDM,DPF
AUDI 100/A4 2.8L - 5M - 012 - CAC, CUZ, DHW, DVX,
AUDI 100/AVANT 1994 Upto 2.8L 5M - 012 - (37/10) CUZ, CAC, CNY. (35/9) CER, CUR, CDX, CMA. (31/8) CEP
Flanged shaft 130MM = AXJ,CAC,CDX, CMA,CER,CSP.
Hi Benjamin, I don't know if you are still active in that forum but please let me know as I am leaving close to Rumilly and I am curious to see some pictures from your car and to know the way you registered it for driving it in France. Thank you.