Beware of member John Shaugnessy

Beware of John Shaugnessy, if he offers you to enter into a business relationship with him don't walk away, run!

I share with you my experience with him. Alas, a very classic story of a scammer.

However, the disturbing point is that he uses the trust that exists between members of this community to work.

The facts: Last December, I offered for sale various parts that I had in excess. Various members contacted me, including John Shaugnessy. As usual, I did not pay much attention to verify that I had been paid to ship, some members of this forum will be able to attest that I shipped their goods before payment. I am of that older generation or I trust.

In the case of John Shaugnessy, I had even less reason to doubt because his father, Thomas, is doubly known for his barn finds and especially because I knew him for having already bought parts of old Ferrari of the 60's (his specialty) for cars that I own.

Anyway, all this to say that John Shaugnessy bought me a pair of Marchal tail lights for the MK1 and a set of 4 Steward pumps for a total of 1100 USD.

I ship to the USA via UPS. During this time, I ask him about his payment, he produces various excuses, family problems, promises a partial payment, then finds that the packaging of a tail light lens does not suit him.... he wants another packaging box, I send him a picture so that he can tell me what packaging he wants and of course no answer and no payment. All this in the end, very classic of a scammer.

I'm lucky that life and my job make it so that losing 1100 usd doesn't change anything, but I don't want to let a theft go by and above all I think it's necessary to inform our community of trustworthy people that there is a worm in the fruit.

I have no other exchanges with John Shaugnessy than those through the messaging system of this site and I publish them, so everyone can make their own opinion.

Considering that legally, I am still the owner of the spare parts delivered to John, since there can be no transfer of ownership without payment, and if someone wants them, I give them to him for 1 symbolic USD. He will have to go to Santa Ana or San Clemente where he lives to pick them up and get to know John. He is probably a nice guy;) (Mother Nature seems to have already taken good care of him, I'm not going to add more suffering to him)

If on the other hand, John offers you to sell what I sold him, you should know that buying them from him is an accessory to receiving stolen goods.

Best regards to all.


PS : just to mention, that if the screen capture stops at february 5, I send him every 2 days, the message "Still have not received your payment", got obviously non answer even if John connects every day on this forum....


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Larry L.

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If it will make you feel any better, a FORMER (and I DO mean former) "friend" of mine scammed me out of faaar more than $1,100 USD. (To date, only the gubmunt has taken me for more.)

I'd go after him - but to do that would end up costing me a whole lot more than the amount he pocketed and, in the end, any judgment I might be awarded in court PLUS $10 USD would get me a cuppa coffee at any Starbucks. Even if he HAD the money to pay a judgment (which I seriously doubt), collecting it would be another PITB. So I decided to just write it off'.

"Karma" has already paid him a visit though. He had a massive stroke a while back. Somehow he survived it, but, he can now probably look forward to dealing with aphasia as well down the road...if he doesn't have it already. I won't lose any sleep over it regardless.

Count your blessings, S.G. ;-)

Bill Kearley

I think it's time the members of this site ganged up on those suppliers who don't live up to their word and or supply an inferior product. I'm sure there are many of you that have issues that have been unresolved.
There is a big one in S.A. that I would like to slap in the side of the head. I would hope he checks in on this site and realizes he had better pull up his socks and looks after his obligations before he gets trashed and goes out of business.
More to come.
WTF - why would somebody not pay someone else. How pathetic. Was there a dispute on the parts or something? I have talked to John before and worked with his father in San Diego many moons ago.


Lee maybe you could send them a polite note to assist in collections? Of course when I was trying to hunt down Cushman for the parts he owed me not even the local BBB would assist as he would not reply to him. The could not recommend a local enforcer to help persuade him either. Pity.

Brian Kissel

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And he was on here as recently as Monday.

Regards Brian
WTF - why would somebody not pay someone else. How pathetic. Was there a dispute on the parts or something? I have talked to John before and worked with his father in San Diego many moons ago.

Yes, sadly pathetic. Specially with the disadvantages of Internet as your name (and topics associated with) get referenced as this thread about him will certainly be by Google.

For a few money, you can ruin your name. Don't know what John wants to do of its own life as he is rather young (25). Having taken some infos from contacts I have, it seems that John has turned back to live with his mother in her house of San Clemente after having experimented various jobs in some states of the USA. It looks like he is now working with Graham Collins (Collins Racing) wich is strange as I have been told that Graham discontinued his business.

Unfortunately, if he wants to enter this world of car collectors (as his father) where trust is part of the business, he doesn't seems to start in the best way.

After all, didn't think about this before to write these lines, I should write a demand letter to Graham as parts went delivered to his workshop and Graham and her associate signed the delivery receipts from UPS for the parts I delivered for John.

And , as I previously wrote, I give these parts for free for everyone that want to locally collect them, but, it's a matter of principle, they cannot stay in the hands of John (Parts are : NOS rear Marchal MK1 set of lights, new from the era still boxed then perfect and complete of all seals, set of 4 SW 240 A fuel pumps , 2 rebuilt, and various spares.)
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Hello Murf,

Parts were delivered to :

John Shaugnessy
3303 West Harvard St.
Santa Ana CA 92704.

where this adress belongs to Collins Racing.

Lights : Tracking is : 1ZY9T06C6700001813 (delivered January 31 and proof of delivery signed par Collins himself)
Pumps : Tracking is : 1ZY9T211DG90070059 (delivered january 30 and proof of deliverey signed par Philip)

(All tracking infos and proofs of delivery are still (and publicly) available on UPS website).



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Back in 2012 there was a very similar escapade involving a ZF transaxle that had been purchased from a Tom Shaughnessy by a third party and not delivered, I inadvertently got dragged into that as a seller of a ZF, which fortunately never left my possession as no funds had been received.

Ron Earp

Use the forum to call these people out publicly. Be factual, be prepared to validate your claims, but definitely do it. It's what the forum is here for - help support the legitimate GT40 community.

I got scammed out of >$35,000 from the Roaring Forties / Robert Logan situation, as did another 40+ people to the tune of over $500,000k lost, and, lost another $2500 on a trailer deal from Kevin Kremlin in the Midwest US.

If we don't talk about these things, don't warn others, then this crap will keep happening.


Well look who has raised up their head on a Hagerty. I am trying to find our how to get in touch with Hagerty to advise them the parts he go he still has not paid for and he over inflated their cost!


Come to find out he has done this to many people. One in England and a few here in the US and of course Stephane. So his award winning Pebble
Beach car is all made at others expense.
I have nothing to do w John Shaughnessy.
I have not spoken to him in probably 5 years
He became an entitled punk.
A product of todays world, with no guidance.

His mother owns the GT40 as a partial divorce settlement. John chose sides.
John Shaughnessy works for his mother.
Marie Colombo now resides in Michigan.