Bleeding Vinyls !

I was checking the calibration of my fuel gauge with the quantity of fuel in the tanks and found that each tank held 30 ltrs but actually pouring in 31 ltrs spilled over the caps.
It ran down the car and onto the Vinyl firestone sticker on the cill which instantly melted the lettering off, wiping it off the Gulf door vinyl and that smeared .
I wrongly thought these would be fuel and oil resistant.
Just a reminder to anyone using vinyl stickers

Randy V

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Ugh.... So sorry to hear that... I've had it happen to myself... Brand new paint and decals - the fuel even caused the white paint to turn yellow.. :(


Anyone wanting to know what effect petroleum spirit can have on 'things' just has to go around with an overfilled Zippo in their trouser pocket.


Bit of a poor show though Keith - not fit for purpose - hope you can get some recompense.
Hello Keith
you are right thinking they could be resistant ( years ago they could be) but unfortunatly modern fuel and specially 95 is now very very agressive to most inks, vynil, and rubbers !!
( This is effective as soon as they added 7 or 8 years ago aggressive additve on to help modern "ecu" roadcars to have good firing set up and minimal polution)
Result is ; agressive comportment to many materials primarly resistant to normal fuel !! like your stickers !!! but also more dangerous ;
some Rotax engines on ultralight planes had plastic floats on carbs that melted few by few and damaging very dangerously internal connections and making the engine to stop during fly session !!
On racing cars we had also similar problems with internal Aeroquip rubber hoses melting and no way to understand what was happening due to the stainless external protection to be ok !!!
And one other dangerous case ; on starting Le mans qualification in 2007 and doing the first refuelling on our LMP1 (car was arriving to the pits !!) as soon as fuel was coming into our usual vynil hoses it melted in less than 10 secondes and we had 80 litres of on the pit floor !! car arriving on and running on top !! Fortunatly on radio diver was ordered to go to the next pit !! and this happened to others some minutes after ; reason was ACO organiser ordered for the race to fuel supplier to supply " as much as possible a type fuellmatching to road car "standard fuel " homologation !!!!

That's what they call "modern global way to live "!!

Did this damage on decals damaged the painting ????