Bonhams Goodwood V6 Replica

I went to the Bonhams Auction at Goodwood today, and i can't believe what i saw!!

Lot 304 was an uknown MK3 replica, and to be honest it was quite shabby without any history or documentation. It was expected to go for between 5 and 8k GBP, which in my opinion is reasonable for this car. So when the hammer fell at 28 grand, i really couldn't believe it!! It had piano hinge on the side window flaps!!!

So i waited to see what lot 325 would go for. It was expected to go for up to 30 grand so I was expecting to see it easily get up past that figure. It looked like a well built Tornado that has all the documentation and is ready to drive away. It was only completed last year so in very good condition. I was gobsmacked when the bidding started at 12k, and the hammer fell at 26k. Someone has got a bargain there.

So does anyone know why the better car went for 2k less than the not so desirable one? It has left me flabbergasted!

I didn't manage to see the Ray Mallock car go under the hammer, I think that was due to go for about 50k so it would be interesting to see what that went for.......................

I think you can put that down to Auction fever,

Only thing I would say is I like the MK3 shape more than some of the other styles, maybe someone fell in love with it. I alos think it was a KVA, looked like it had granada wheel stud pattern, also had RH gear shift. Does anyone make a MK3 currently?

If the Tornado was the Blue car in the middle row (my mates got the catalogue so cant look up lot numbers.) I thought it had some strange detailing the ally checker plate interior didnt do it any favours plus huge door gaps, not to sure how well built it was but it was shiny.
Lot 325 was Nick Smith's car. The pic in the catalogue was taken in my front garden.
Had been trying to persuade Nick's widow to ask about £30K-£35K, where it could have sold easily within the Club, but she wanted to auction it.
I was astounded that an unknown replica with V6 engine went for as high as it did too.
If the cars had been transposed, I wonder how the prices would have altered?