Brake/AN flare tool, proportioning valve,Gunston colorTune,,,etc

37 Degree AN flare tool Summit # 900311 (Used twice),,,,listed for $30.

45 Degree Brake flare tool Summit 900310, NEW,,,,,listed $34

Wilwood proportioning valve # 260-8419, NEW,,,,,listed $42

Wilwood residule valve 260-3278, NEW,,,,,listed $20

Gunson ColorTune 14mm Spark plug, NEW,,,,listed $38 to $50
Adaptor kit for the above,,,,NEW

Haynes Weber Carb manual (up to 1979),,,,listed??!!

ALL THE ABOVE (NOT SOLD SEPERATLY!) for $90,,,,,pick up free or you pay shipping


Praise Allah (Obama) and Jesus (Geroge Bush) I have been well.

And how is the "Anti Christ" Craik been?! :):)