Bryan's RCR40


hi, great build so far
I take that your have ordered the "deluxe kit" from my understanding, this kit comes pre-assembled as a roller.
was it necessary to remove everything again ?
Yes, the Deluxe Plus kit. My understanding is that it's assembled for shipping only and it needs to be disassembled and then reassembled in a suitable manner for driving.
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I decided to switch to the first steps of body preparation while waiting for some parts for the fuel tanks. I measured the width of the front and rear clips where they meet the rockers. The rear was 66" and the front was 65.5". I found it easy to stretch the front to 66". Then I set the rocker panels to 66" and taped them in place. Next I made all the careful measurements to position the spider. In the last photo one truss head machine screw is holding it at the front center and I am marking for evenly spaced holes that avoid the obstacles under the dash structure.



TOM (eglitom - RIP bloke) had some good measurements and set up information that may help you get it dialed in.



TOM (eglitom - RIP bloke) had some good measurements and set up information that may help you get it dialed in.

Thank you, Ryan. I will check it out.


Catching up on my log. Most of what I have been doing is "routine" so I am only detailing what might be of interest.

I finally installed the fuel tanks for the last time. All you can see is a 3/8 stainless pickup fitting and a vent hose. The wires for the gauge go through the side and aren't visible.


After the tanks were installed I replaced the front suspension. Couldn't resist getting shorter bolts for the lower control arms.




Substituted an aftermarket spacer for better steering rod end clearance. More negative camber and higher ride height also improved this.



Got a stronger wiper motor with a long shaft. Made some bushings and secured the wiper motor to the chassis instead of the spider. Made a bracket under the dash using a hole from the original braces.



Finalized the thermostat housing.


Other things I have completed include the parking brakes, the A/C and heater hoses under the dash, the A/C wiring, and the master cylinder reservoirs. Vintage air insisted I don't install the compressor with fittings down so I have flipped it and re-worked the lower mount, and tried to figure out the neatest way to run the hoses to fit with the radiator hose and oil hoses. I've installed the gauges in the dash and working on wiring and switch panels. Did a rough alignment check and found I needed more negative camber in the front and less in the back. Made these adjustments and also corrected rear toe-out and slightly narrowed the rear track to help with tire-to-body clearance. Working on the front radiator and heater hoses and mounting the condenser. Along the way I am playing with body fitment bit by bit.