1. Mstarkey3

    Sean's RCR GT40 build

    Hi, I figured I would start a thread for my GT40 build on this site. I ordered my kit from RCR last month and cant wait until it is delivered sometime Mid January. I am excited to share this experience and hopefully get ideas/ suggestions from the group here on GT40s.com. I am currently...
  2. 20180901_150146.jpg


    Cobrajet's GT-40, Parker, CO
  3. bryanf

    Bryan's RCR40

    Today I placed my order for an RCR40 MkI LHD with double nostril. Some of the parts I plan to use include: Craft 347 Ford small-block Quaife ZFQ transaxle (2.533, 1.619, 1.200, 0.929, 0.742 + 3.75:1) Halibrand wheels, 15x8 and 15x9.5 Avon CR6ZZ tires, 215/60-15 and 295/50-15 My design...
  4. R

    A Dutch hello!

    Hi guys! I love this blog. I'm a design director for an OEM, but I love classics too. Other than designing cars, I love to build one myself. I'm really into buying a Gt40, and actually have 2 competitors in my mind. An RCR, or a Tornado. What are the pros and cons of both? Which one would be...
  5. Dwight

    how to adjust G50 shifter?

    I'm trying to adjust the shift cable on my G50. Can anyone talk me through it? RCR GT40 left hand drive car. Dwight
  6. C

    FS: 2014 RCR Superlite Coupe Pearl White $82k ***SOLD***

    Hi All, Selling a RCR Superlite I purchased a couple years ago as a streetable track car. Car runs and is ready to go. Absolute blast to drive and handles like it is on rails. Trying to downsize my collection and simply don't drive them enough. This car has been very reliable and gets tons...
  7. PeteB

    Part #s for idler pulleys

    Anyone know the part numbers for the idler and tensioner pulleys in the the RCR front dress kit? Thanks.
  8. G

    GT 40 Obsession

    Hats off to Fran @ RCR Beautiful Product
  9. L

    Louis' RCR MKII Build

    The adventure has already begun but here are a few pictures of the start. The "Forty", as it's known in the garage, is nesseled between a restored 1961 Renault Beach Car, my rebuilt 1983 Lotus Esprit and you can just see the nose of a Gen V Dodge Viper, affectionately known as the Torque...
  10. Alan L

    Re-introduction: Alan's RCR 40

    Hello. I am late in posting, as I took delivery of my “Turn Key Minus” RCR40 from RCR in January. I am in the process of completing the engine install to include plumbing oil & coolant systems, alternator, compressor, clutch, etc. Although I am not assembling the kit, for me, getting this...
  11. L

    RCR MKII Build Dash Question

    Hi Everyone, The RCR MKII I got from Fran was to be a turn-key car for the previous client. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen issues the client was unable to complete the build. So I acquired the car with work already started by RCR. The client wanted the car as period correct as possible...
  12. P

    FS: Graziano/Coyote clutch package

    I have a brand new clutch/flywheel package that I would like to sell. It was sourced from RCR and includes the Audi clutch and RCR steel flywheel. Ring gear is not included . $2,000. Thanks for looking, Ron [email protected] 410-596-3170
  13. M

    RCR Seats Mounting Seat Belts

    Hello, I have read a few written descriptions, have not yet found any good images, so thought I would ask. For an RCR GT, in particular on the passenger seat, how have you run the seat belts. The issue that I am seeing is that the holes that a seat belt bolt goes into are like 15.5 inches...
  14. L

    RCR GT40 Build Table Dimensions and Hello

    Hello Everyone I will be receiving my RCR GT40 MK2 in a few weeks. I noticed in the manual a rolling build table for the chassis. Does anyone know the dimensions of that table or a platform you may have built/bought? It looks like 3ft x 6ft. Scrolling through the manual I didn't...
  15. L

    Hello from Mississippi

    Hello Everyone! I'm exited to begin my adventure building a RCR GT40. I'm very fortunate to get the car from RCR. The original owner was having it built turn-key when he had back surgery and can no longer get into low profile cars. Fran says much has been done to make it period correct...
  16. KENS80V

    FS USA RCR GT40 wiper kit "It's a Snap" (new)

    This is a brand new "It's a Snap" wiper kit that was sold for use in RCR GT40 cars. Price is in US Funds ($150 shipped).
  17. Kim Haun

    New/Old RCR Build...

    Hello! My first post seeking guidance from you all here on GT40s.com. I'm building a RCR GT 40 that's been in mothballs for about 10 years. It came with some great components but there are some I have yet to get as well. One of the things I'm working on right now is the engine and transaxle...
  18. sswartz

    2018 Pricing and Content Changes at RCR & Superlite

    On behalf of Fran... For over a decade, RCR & Superlite have been producing car kits without a single price increase despite making improvements and absorbing increased labor and supplier costs. We’re pleased to announce that this practice continues into 2018- there are no price increases for...
  19. F

    Anyone get their RCR kit Graziano shipped recently?

    I have been unable to get an answer on when my Graziano will ship to my builder from RCR. Has anyone been waiting for one and got one recently? My builder wants to progress with the build however without a transaxle he will soon be at a standstill. If its going to be a extended wait I will...
  20. J

    New French member !

    Hi guys ! I'm new here, I would love to build an RCR 40 so I think I'm in the right place to talk about GT40 :D See you