Bump Steer eliminater

I am having an issue with bump steer. Has anyone ever installed a bump steer eliminater on their SLC. If so, how did it work and what kit works with the SLC? Any help would be appreciated.

Godspeed, what do you mean by a "bump steer eliminator"? Is that some magic doodad that bolts on?

In my experience there is no bump steer eliminator, rather, just good steering geometry. Meaning, steering geometry that works properly with the geometry of the front suspension. It's often a matter of positioning the steering pivot points in the right position relative to the pivot points of the front suspension and getting the rack located at the right height. Do this analysis and you'll be on the right track.
Ok thanks. If you do a google search for "bump steer eliminator", you will see the magical doodads that bolt on. Has anyone ever tried one of these?
On the SLC, we adjust bump steer with correctly-sized spacers at the tie-rod ends. Every car is different, and often each corner needs a slightly different height spacer- as my car did. That's why there isn't a generic kit; those are too imprecise in any case.

It's easy to setup the car for the correct bump steer with a bump steer measuring tool, a jack, a selection of washers (to simulate the spacer you'll make from tubing later) and some time. Any decent race shop will have these tools, and the ability to make the spacers as needed.

Here's a link to one of the typical tools used (note the dial indicator) for checking bump steer.