Can you identify this GT40 poster?

I have a large framed print of a right-hand-drive GT40 being raced by a fellow with an open-faced helmet. The track is adorned with orange cones and painted-white tires half-buried in the ground. The car number is 19s and the only visible sponsor is Fram. The Fram decal in the photo looks to be touched up. Was it perhaps a Fram promotional poster?

Can anyone identify the driver, track and year for me?


The fellow from whom I acquired the print said he thought it was Bob Bondurant at Sebring.

I'd also like someone to tell me if what model GT40 it is.

Its certainly a MK1 in Essex Wire colors. Assuming the colors of the car are white w/ a red stripe outlined in black w/ the black accents on the front clip. Unsure of who the driver might be.
Thanks for the reply!

The color of the stripe in the print matches that of the cones. Really more of an orange. But I suppose the print could have color-shifted over the years. Or, and this is more probable... if it is a Fram promotional poster... Fram's graphic designers could have tweaked the photo to make the stripe be more in harmony with the orange of the Fram logo.

Yes the stripes are flanked by black stripes.

The driver's helmet also features a stripe. But it seems to be a reverse of the scheme; with a large black stripe flanked by a lighter color.
Thanks to the Essex Wire reference, I am now able to speculate that this is the #19 car that finished third at Sebring in 1966. That car was driven by Peter Revson and Skip Scott.

However, I'm bothered that I don't see the Castrol stickers or other sponsors. This makes me think that Fram doctored this photo for their own use.
Still would like to identify the driver. Also wondering if this car is still around.

I did a little more digging and found the same print being sold on eBay as a rare Fram Filter marketing poster.
FRAM Ad, 1966 Ford GT40 Essex Wire Mark Grand Sport Chevrolet Corvette Posters | eBay

Here's part of what that listing says about it:

Extremely Rare FRAM Filter Posters. Featuring the Essex Wire Mark I GT40, P/1026, #19.

Originally, produced as part of a 1966 marketing campaign fro use on the sides of Railway Express trucks. Railway Express was the forerunner of UPS and FedEx.

Advertisements were Glued to Railroad Cars or Buildings. Subsequently the posters are HUGE and made in two pieces. VERY FEW ads survived ! They were usually thrown out and replaced with a new ad. The Colors and Detail are amazing for 1966.
GT40 P/1026 Race results:
02/66 : Daytona, 91, Scott/Thompson, DNF -
03/66 : Sebring, 19, Revson/Scott, 3rd -
04/66 : Monza, 4, Scott/Revson, DNF -
05/66 : Spa, 43, Hobbs/Neerpasch, DNF -
06/66 : Nuerburgring, 46, Scott/Revson, DNF -
07/66 : Silverstone, Mc Nally, DNF -
08/66 : Brands Hatch, 108, Salmon, 2nd -
09/66 : Zeltweg, 7, Salmon, 4th -
03/67 : Snetterton, 53, Salmon, 3rd – Silverstone, 2, Salmon, 7th -
04/67 : Silverstone, 31, Salmon, DNF -
05/67 : Spa, 41, Salmon/Olivier, 8th – Silverstone, 42, Salmon, 2nd -
06/67 : Le Mans, 62, Salmon/Redman, DNF