chris gt40

hello it has been a bit hot to be in the shed this weekend
so i have been trying to work out how to get all the plumbing
and wiring from front to back i did not realize there was so much


hello i am after some help with injector location are they
better upstream or downstream of the butterfly have not
made the runners yet so i can put them either way
thanks in advance for your help


Randy V

Lifetime Supporter
I believe that the best location for the injectors would be below the throttle plates.
This would reduce fuel reversion effect and also make for a more tidy package. Also if below, you would have less fuel able to wash down the throttle plates and shafts thereby leaking past the shaft bearings/bushings and onto the intake manifold..

Great job on the collectors, you learn very quick my friend.
I see you haven't had the heart to let go of the brass shafts yet.
The body's look good. are you going to cut the shafts in half.
Separate body's.

For a streeter I would run inj under the b/fly as well.
If you can, point it at the back of the valve.

I can see that shop is filling up as well

thankyou randy and jim for you advice will do as suggested
jim the brass shafts will give me something to polish and
will split bodys into singles not sure if shafts will run vertical
or horizontal i just make it up as i go not real smart i know.

yes the workshop needs a good cleanup if i could make one part
only once instead of half a dozen times i would not have as
much crap in the shed i hope i am not the only person that
butchers so much material.