Classic Car Developments Chassis #3

Brian Stewart
First major trip (over 300 miles) to attend a track day. A few minor niggles (too much rear brake bias, an exhaust manifold leak, a tappet adjustment needed, leaks like a sieve in the rain), but generally happy with the way it went. Handles well, pulls like a train, and is surprisingly comfortable. Huge fun.
On track.jpg

Brian Stewart
Coming up for 2000 miles and dozens of little niggles rectified as they have cropped up. It is finally at the stage where I can take it for a drive and just park, close the garage door, and walk away, rather than thinking "I must look at/attend to X, Y or Z".

Sister-in-law's Suzuki Swift towering over the 40 in my brother's garage.



Brian Stewart
Having resisted the temptation to take the 40 to the supermarket during lockdown I was keen to see if 7 weeks of inactivity had adversely affected the battery. Apparently not. After a few turns to get enough fuel through the system she was good to go.