Classic Car Developments Chassis #3

Ian Anderson

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Looks and sounds great Brian, mine is still sulking as not allowed out!
looks like you have a third brake light could you show what you have as I have considered fitting one but not found anything slimline enough.


Brian Stewart
This really continues the saga of the Avid 2000 started in the Photo thread.

Replacement parts have all arrived and transaxle casing machined to accept the new, more robust, dash-2 clutch release shaft. New clutch release lever installed and safety stop added as a precaution (initially relied on just the pedal stop inside).

Gradually getting things back together now (bell-housing on, starter installed and wired up, transaxle back in). Hopefully have it running before the weekend.

That clutch release shaft is really an excellent new design comparativly to the original one that was so "flimsy" and badly drawn ;)
Congratulation to fit so nicely done and effective part !!!
dont step on those glasses ;-)
Very fun to notice that we are all "brothers " when it comes to leave glasses on the workshop !!!!
Now I wear cheap ones for the hard work .......;) have broken so many good ones ....:mad: