Clutch, Flywheel, Bellhousing...

I need some help in regards to selecting my clutch, flywheel, and bellhousing... As of right now I'm leaning towards getting a bellhousing from Kennedy Engineering (SBF 302 to RBT ZF) but I'm also considering Quicktime because I've used them before. My motor is from Craft Performance approximately 520 HP. I have no idea what I need on the flywheel... 157 or 164 tooth, diameter, etc.? For the clutch I'm leaning towards the McLeod super street pro. I'm not planning on racing the car at all, just a car to drive around and take to shows. Any guidance would be much appreciated.



The number of teeth on your flywheel ring gear is only important that it matches your starter. I used KEP for my SBC to G50 adapter and also bought the KEP forged aluminum flywheel and matching IMI geared starter. I used KEP's heavy-duty pressure plate and clutch disk. There are a number of choices so talking to the folks at Kennedy should help you make a good choice for your application.

Howard Jones

The only thing I would recommend is you source all of these pieces from the same vendor. Don't get into the position that the starter doesn't work with the flywheel or the flywheel interferes with the bell housing etc. etc. and the respective vendors are blaming the other guys part.

Get everything from the same source and insist it all works together when you make the purchase. When I did my SLC I got my gearbox from Calif Motor Sports and had them source everything from the pilot bearing to the output shafts.

Pilot bearing, throw out bearing assembly, flywheel, clutch, starter, clutch slave cylinder, and CV joint adapters. It all fit up perfect the first time.
Sean try dennis at pantera performance in castle rock Colorado if you running a z-f he can help you with the whole set up he also has a pretty trick clutch slave set up........m

Bill Kearley

Use caution with RBT and ask questions in advance. I have a RBT with Kennedy bellhousing. The bellhousing from Kennedy is to long or the RBT input is to short resulting in a poor fit to the crankshaft. The release bearing support is also to short. This could all be a lot better fit with a shorter bell, I couldn't find one. After a few calls to Dylinn at Griffin and him stating he would make a longer bearing support I gave up because he never came through with his word. The bellhousing I recieved from Kennedy was in a box with no part numbers, no brand markings of any kind so I phoned them to ask if infact I had the bellhousing I had ordered, they said yes that's how they come. ( off shore junk is the way I see it? ) FYI in a CAV you will have to modify the bell to fit the tub, machine the bottom to clear the cross bars and the starter nose to clear the upright. I like the McLeod twin disc, wish I had known sooner. I have a 427w, good luck.
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Bill Kearley

New it was 4 1/2 inches. I had 1/8" machined of the front and back. That gave me 4 1/4" , it still gives me concerns with pilot/input shaft support. A 4 inch bell would have been much better. I am using a Spec clutch and have lots of room to move the trans closer and allow the release bearing to fit on the support better. As it is I only have about 3/4 of the bearing is on the sleeve using about 1 inch of shims. and about 1/2 inch of the input in the crank bushing. Sorry I didn't take any pictures.