Clutch Slipping


Just ten days before setting off to the LMC, I discovered I have massive clutch slip, particularly in 5th gear.

I checked thast there was free play on the slave cylinder pushrod, and it was free.

I've pulled out the transaxle, and other than an oily bellhouising, there appears to be no rubbing or clearance problems.

The clutch cover is marked 235CP6050-11 90.

The driven plate is only marked E B329L.

It is 228mm dia, with 21 splines, and 2 yellow spring, 2 blue spring and 3 grey springs.
It is 7.9mm thick.

Has anybody any ideas where I can source this.

The part number for the cover seems to equate to a Peugeot part, but I can't match up the driven plate.

All ideas much appreciated.

Time is running out!


As David said check for leaks, if it smells like sulphur or rotten eggs its probably a gearbox leak, otherwise rear main seal.
I wouldn't worry too much about the cover plate, clean it up well and locate a disc as yours is probably soaked enough to not clean up well, I would bet a trip to the local parts store would find a match, if not and you are really stuck for the part it may be still useable with some repeated cleaning with solvent and a bit of a bake if you have access to a small oven.
If I remember correctly that 21 spline disc is used by Toyota or maybe Subaru, but I don't remember the diameter so that may be a good starting point.
Good luck looking
228mm OD.x 21mm spline is standard Renault 25 or Atmo Alpine fitting...any good parts store will supply a replacement...I know I,ve just installed 1 in a customers Alpine.
Cheers Eddie.

So from what I am gathering you have an oily bell housing, but is the clutch plate contaminated as well.

I get the feeling the lads are assuming it is but I dont see it writen.
If it is contaminated, as has already been posted fix the leaks and toss a new clutch at it.
Dont clean it,as it gets hot the oil comes to the top and it will just slip again.

If the plate is dry, is it worn down to the grooves or rivets.
Look at the pressure plate diaphram,are the fingers all the same hieght.
If not look at the diaphram where it inverts or pivots on a wire band check the diaphram is not cracked in that area.
If that all looks good the diaphram is a spring and it may have lost its tension.

Hope that helps

Mike Pass

It may be a Renault item. I had one in my car but have changed it to an AP item. I tried to get an uprated Renault one from Helix motorsport. They had them for the Renault clutch but they were a bit marginal for a stout 302. However as an emergency measure they can probably supply you with some new or uprated parts. Run your part numbers past them as they do clutches for all sorts of cars.

Contact them via
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