Costello’s GT-R / SC Coyote Build

Big red box arrived last weekend.

Having never welded before I've been equal parts excited and terrified. But this being my first car build I've really enjoyed the learning and problem solving the project has taught me so far, so no reason to stop now.

...just cut me some slack :laugh: till I can get some prettier beads. Grinding and contouring for now.
While I initially thought I could squeeze a pair of Borla XR-1's (5x21") on either side of the Graz clearance was just too tight.

So my first welding project mufflers! The XR-1's I purchased are single core straight throughs, 5" round with 15" case. I decided to mount them above the Graz transversely between the tail frame, with tips exiting where the license normally sits.

First I cut off the in/outlets and then capped one end. Cut new 3" holes for in/outlet clocked 120° apart on either end.

Welded the two mufflers together and added 3" in/outlets.

Lots of leveling, grinding and contouring left to do, but overall happy with them as a first project. The outlet lengths are uneven, but I still have to add the tips. I'll also cut out the rest of the panel and add wire mesh, the pictured hole is just for alignment.
3" stainless exhaust is fab'ed and in place. Because the tips are exiting through the tail, I'm saving the final welding on tips and flex section until the body is fitted.

Found some stainless doughnuts that were really helpful in being able to cut the exact angle needed. Was also more cost effective than buying individual bends. Ended up only needing one doughnut to cover both sides.

Will add some heat shields for starter and axle boot.

Passenger side was tight around the diff, ~3/4" clearance.