Could use some education here....Thanks in advance!

Kind of on a whim, I found this ERA on BAT....thinking of bidding on it. The reason I say this is a whim, is that my search is actually for a 2005-06 FGT, but I saw this listing and thought, why not? It would be cool to have both.
My question is, how close to the real deal is an ERA like this? My reasons for buying it would be #1---It looks cool #2---I want the real experience and won't ever drop the coin on the real-deal, and the '05-06 FGT is totally different #3---I love the Ferrari vs Ford battle history, so this would be my little fantasy when I get behind the wheel and row through the gearbox.

Here is the listing:

Thanks for the input.
I looks like a nice ERA GT. I have owned 4 ERA cars but 3 were purchased from ERA (two GT and one Cobra). My red GT (similar to this one LHR with similar engine) was sold in BAT last year for $100K by the 3rd Owner.

I assume the price will go up since $72K for an ERA is very low. It has the right stuff (wheels, Gulf fenders, ZF gearbox, nice color combination)
How close is the ERA to an original GT40? Looks, proportions, etc.? Driving experience (well, this probably doesn't matter since I'll have nothing to compare it to :)...not like I'll be getting any seat time in the real-deal anytime soon)

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Proportions wise, the ERA is probably as close as any other replica to the real thing.
All replica manufacturers have taken license with the car and made their own “special” changes to it.
I dare say that any of the replicas manufactured in the last 15-20 years will have better brakes than the originals..
If you are a tall person over 6’, you may not fit well...
One of the main issues with GT40 (original or replicas) are brakes. Wheels are 15" and no power brakes. This car has 6 piston calipers in front and should brake "decent" if you have the muscle to stop it. The last GT ERA built for me was 17" BRM style wheels with bigger brakes and power assisted. It is the only one they built with power assisted. The cars handles very good since it is a few inches from the ground and had big racing tires.
Threw my hat in the ring. Thanks for offering up the price range since I really didn't have much of an idea having not gone after one of these before. Have to figure in the BAT 5% fee on top of the winning bid plus the shipping. So about another $7,500 for me. We'll see where this goes....

Howard Jones

If I was going to "upgrade" from my GTD I would certainly consider this car a fine one. Brakes? The brakes on my GT40 are better than any car I have ever drove, including my 2014 Cayman S. This car should its equal. Hard peddle, well it should be hard, you sure as hell don't want a vague, soft, power brakes feel in a car like this.

The only thing to remember is GT40s are race cars. This example is more than likely MUCH faster than any original car would have been in the day. Better brakes, a lot more power, and if run on modern DOT Hoosiers, a lot better tires.

So if you want to know what it was like in the day then this car has the same body shape, suspension design, interior, gearbox, and more power and better brakes. If you have the $$$ and want it, then buy it. My guess is it will hold the at least price you pay for it for as long as you own it at around $100-115K.

Here's my car. You can see why I like the ERA for sale here.
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Howard Jones

Ya those were Western States Cobra Bash events two years in a row. Note car numbers. The track was getting bad the second year. I wonder what has happened to it since. The "Bash" kind of died due to it's own success. The planning and doing surpassed the available volunteer labor. To bad, it was fun. 200-300 cars, hotel in Reno, track day at Fernley, car show out on the street in front of the hotel, drive around Lake Tahoe. Oh well...…..