1. andrewrobertson

    Wolseley 6/90 revival

    Hi All, Currently got the McLaren M1B replica under a sheet at the back of the shed and working on my Dad’s car – now mine since he has gone into care. It’s a 1957 Wolseley 6/90 series 2. These things had a 2.6L BMC C series and 4 speed box with right hand gear change and were not bad...
  2. S

    I have sinned - I need advise please!

    It has been 2+ years since I started and drove my Superformance GT40 MKII (standard Roush 427 single carb/RBT setup). Life had me focused in other areas. I have been storing it in a heated garage up on a lift. I think I put Stabil in the fuel system back then...not sure. I have had the...
  3. R

    Rear support hoop upper shock/spring mounts

    Has anyone got any good photos to share that show how the original shock mounts were done. It would be great if you could share the chassis number featured in the photo. I realise that this area was continually evolving over the life of the chassis. A photo of the early ones that had the 1”...
  4. Dans GTD

    Hello from Long Island N.Y.

    Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I do not have a lot of history on my car but from what I have been told I have a GTD car. My father had this car in storage for over 15 years and it was passed down to me in July of last year. I have been slowly bringing the car back to life and it is looking...
  5. J

    Introduction and the Common Request

    Hello. My name is Jason and I joined the site to learn more about the SLC. I am in Bristow, VA just west of Manassas and 30 miles outside of DC. I have been drifting across different motorcyle and car scenes for a long time and the SLC seems like a perfect fit for me. After some time in VA...
  6. D

    Coyote engine

    As many of you know, my coyote engine in my GTR locked up on the dyno at Comp Cams when they were building the electrical harness. I sent the engine back to Ford for inspection and found the problem to be the Derale adaptor was to restrictive to feed oil to the engine. So I have it back and it...
  7. B

    back on the site

    Back on the site Benjamin Van Riet Belgium Ford GTD40 When someone have A original Vickers Fuel Cock for sale please let me know regards
  8. C

    Replica regulator/transistor ignition modules

    These are dummy/non functional copies of the original transistor ignition and alternator regulator modules. Genuine modules are as rare as hens teeth, and if you can find one, they can set you back around $1000 per module in a non-working condition. Even then, the common fix is to scrap the...
  9. M

    Gearbox mounting

    Hi Everybody Just wanted some advice on mounting the transaxle. I spoke with the engineer and he said to only use three points of mounting, two for engine and one for gearbox. I am using an audi 012 gearbox and it has two mounts on it. What have you guys done for this? I assume you use both...
  10. M

    Southern gt visit

    We are on the way down to sgt tomorow from the northwest ,if anybody needs anything collecting and bringing back just give us the nod Regards mark and Sam
  11. E

    Hello from Florida

    Thanks for letting me join. I don't have a GT40 yet :-) but I am in the hunt for one. I used to be a true blue Ford guy. Back n the 70s I had Mustangs GTA, Machs, and even a 68 500KR in my single Navy days (that would spin up the restorers what I did to it back then for street racing :-) )...
  12. B

    Safir GT40 Spares

    Anyone been in touch with them lately? I made an enquiry via their website, but have heard nothing back. Is there an email address other than the "customer.service" one I should try? Thanks. Brian.
  13. K

    I'm Back!

    Hi everyone, I've had a few "'mare" weeks but I'm back in harness, at least for the medium term. Play nicely! :shout:
  14. W


    Pray for everyone in florida... I left and went to tennessee... I will return when the power is back on walt
  15. M

    Race Tail Body Mounting

    Been staring at this for a while and can't quite figure it all out. I have an SL-C with a race tail and was looking to see if someone has some pictures of the mounting of the diffuser and the hinging of the tail. My diffuser brackets are back ordered and I don't have any hinges or brackets for...
  16. P

    Audi 016 help please

    I have a 016 in my KVA, just lost 1st gear and after disassembling found that the rear bearing on the pinion output shaft punched through the back of the case?... I caught this immediatly and it doesnt appear that there is any other damage to the internals. Question is, can/should I attempt...
  17. D

    Mazda and Joest

    Joest Racing and Mazda are back in the fray.
  18. B

    Roundel lights

    I'm at the stage where I am thinking about how many and where I should put these. The ones to illuminate the roundels make sense, and I see original cars with one or sometimes two to do this. However, does anyone have any idea why additional lights are situated further back on the side of the...
  19. G

    Soon there will be one more SLC in Houston.

    Hello Everyone, I am happy to say that back in November, components for my SLC started production. I talked to Allen several times and was very impressed with his attention to detail. I feel fortunate to have him starting my build in September. I have already purchased the new corvette Z06...
  20. G

    Soon there will be one more SLC in Houston.

    Moved to SLC forum. Sorry about that. Godspeed.