Custom GT40 Build

I got a body from one place and a roller chassis from another. Now I’m trying to put the two together.

I was told that the body would fit the chassis but my idea of “fit” is apparently quite different.

So, I’m here to see what others have done and to ask a lot of questions.

I tried to upload my video but it wouldn’t work.

I do mostly video but I’ll attach the few pictures I have.

Here’s my YouTube video link.

Randy V

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I was hoping this would be “a quick slam dunk project” but, so far, it’s not looking that way.

I’m a retired engineer and fabricator.. I’ve reviewed literally every GT40 build here on GT40s as well as having built my own.. I can’t think of a single one that was a slam dunk project - regardless of the manufacturer. Even the best thought-out and supplied “kits” (I hate that term), took a significant amount of effort!
Remember as you build your car that Ford didn’t use CNC or computers when these cars were built. They are not and never have been symmetrical. So as you mount your body, just strive to get the wheels located in the arches and it’s Arts & Crafts time from there…
I’m looking forward to watching your build!