Darrin's MMR BOSS based GT40

Well it might be a bit premature as only the chassis and about 50% of the fiberglass is complete. Don't expect to have the kit in my garage until July (I placed my order in mid February and told him no hurry...new engine and all) but I wanted to put a place holder here in case anyone else was interested in going with a Coyote/Roadrunner engine and wanted to ask questions. My chassis has been altered for this and Darren is working on finalizing the adapter along with starter for the Audi 01E I plan to use with it. MUCH cheaper and stronger than going the Renault route.

The car itself is a bit different besides the engine in that it is the Gulf style and will have a front air dam more closely resembling that of the new Ford GT (I believe it to be both more athletically pleasing and aerodynamically superior) with a 1" lowered seating area (I am 6'2", 230). Everything else will be "stock" GT40 looking on the exterior although I am using Recaro style seats instead of the original look.

I do have some partial chassis photos and such but will probably hold off posting until the powder coat goes on (should be the next batch of photos I get from Darren).

FWIW, so far I have been very pleased with Darren and his willingness to answer questions and make alterations without charging me like crazy. I've literally been looking to build one of these for 20 years researching this, checking into that, etc. The experience has been a good one to date although I will admit to laying in bed wondering how I am going to do this and that! LOL
Hi Darrin

Your car should be heading its way across the pond soon!
You getting excited yet?


Just a little! LOL

Darren was looking into tweaking the suspension to make it a bit more adjustable for me and I think that may have been a little bit of a hold up. I believe the powder coat is done and it's ready other than that except maybe the lower chin area (asked for a slight tweak).

Won't be long now!
ALMOST ready to ship. :)

Builder is making a video of the crating process. The photos are stills of part of that.


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The last piece has been made. Had a custom front built as I wasn't a fan of the original either cosmetically or aerodynamically. This piece, to me, is a big improvement in both areas...although I know some purest folks just choked with me writing that. :)


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that looks very good, well done.

I think so too. Took a while but came out really well. Believe he is going to sell these as an optional add on. Not sure if it will be a complete front clip or just a bolt on lower so others can have them too if you like the look or want it for racing. Worried a little about clearance but I live in TX with good roads.
Looks like it is a full clip. Just got an email about it. I have the link but don't know if I'm allowed to post it here so email if you want it and I'll send it to you. I'll take some photos of it mocked up on my car once it arrives to give everyone an idea of how it looks mounted.
Had to wait on the fuel tanks. Ended up looking very nice. Will probably look into modifying them to make the foam easily replaced before they go in the car though. Need to poke around here a bit to see what others have done to make this process easier when it comes time as all foam eventually degrades I understand.


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Looks like you're going to have some fun Soon? I bet you're itching to get into it! :pepper:

Yes. About 22 days expected on the ocean, then another day to transport from Houston to Dallas/Irving where I will pick it up for the final 30 miles to get it home.

If all goes well, it will be at my house the day before Christmas Eve.
I love that front clip! Will be a nice looking car whan it on the road.
Best of luck with the build.
Regards, Gus.

Thanks Gus. It cost me a lot of development time but as it was the first he did it without any upgrade charge. You can buy the front clip from him if you like it I am pretty sure.
So, as of now, it's 21 days, 4 hours and 22 minutes to go, but who's counting... :D

Well it hasn't been loaded onto the ship yet I think. Thought that was to be today but not so. Should hear in eight hours or so. THINK it leaves later today but...
Well, somewhere on the Atlantic ocean right now a transport ship with a 16'x6'x4' crate is bound for Houston. Got confirmation of it today. :)
Built a bender brake in my garage for the paneling. Just need to bolt it to a work bench. Should work pretty well and a lot let expensive than buying one that can bend sheets as wide as I need. This one handles panels up to 45" wide.


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