FS USA Digidash Pro 2

The DD2-PRO+ is the latest generation all-in-one Display system, designed for the discerning clubman racer, casual track day driver or road user. Combining all the usual dashboard instruments into one compact, lightweight digital unit that allows for either dashboard or steering wheel mounting, the DD2-PRO+ presents the driver with clearly readable vehicle dynamics, engine parameters and lap timing information.

The system comes complete with speed, coolant temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure and fuel level sensors, infra-red lap timer receiver, 2-axis G-sensors (accelerometers) on-board and professional data analysis software (which includes Video Overlay).

Consisting of a separate Datalogger box and Display module, this system is not just for visually displaying real-time information and recording temperatures, pressures, speeds and lap times, but provides the user with a comprehensive, easy to use DigiTools software package that enables you to analyse and improve your performance. You will be able to review your corner speeds, braking points, racing lines as well as monitoring your engine's performance over time.

The PRO+ is GPS enabled and can be used in conjuntion with our highly accurate, WAAS enabled 5Hz GPS sensor. The DD2-PRO+ provides real information that can be intelligently organised and analysed, immediately highlighting areas for improvement.

Dimensions: 109mm (W) x 35mm (H) x 121mm (D)

•Programmable Speed Display
•Programmable RPM Display
•Diesel Engine Compatible
•Programmable Shift Lights
•Engaged Gear (Calculation Based)
•Coolant Temperature
•Oil Temperature
•Oil Pressure
•Fuel Level
•Lateral & Longitudinal G-Forces (2G max)
•Engine Hour Counter
•Real time clock on board (Date & Time)
•Fuel Pressure*
•Lambda (Air/Fuel Ratio)*
•Turbo Boost*
•Brake Pressure Front & Rear +Brake Bias*
•Acceleration / Deceleration Timers
•Road Legal non-resettable Odometer
•Trip Distance Timer, Counter and Average Speed Calculator
•5 Key Warning Lights
•1 Configurable Warning Light
•Programmable Warning Alarms
•MPH / Km/h selectable speed
•Display units in C/F/PSI/BAR
•Last and Best Lap indicator
•Peak Value Hold on all key parameters
•BHP Calculator & real time BHP display
•Lap timing with up to 240 lap storage
•Up to 32 split times per lap
•Lap Number and Race Timer
•Real time split performance indicator

With 5Hz GPS Receiver (available separately)
•Latitude & Longitude
•GPS speed
•UTC Date & Time
•GPS Lap / Hill-climb / Rally Stage Timing
•Track Stage Map via GPS Data

•64Mb on-board Datalogger memory
•13 Standard Channels
•4 additional 0-5v analogue Channels
•All 17 channels logged
•Selectable 10 or 20Hz data recording
•2 axis Digital G-sensors on-board (2G)
•Track/Sprint/Hill-climb G-sensor or GPS derived mapping
•5Hz GPS Lap timing / Track Map option
•Expandable via modules enabling up to 4 extra wheel speed inputs and 16 extra 0-5v analogue channels
•Video Overlay software included

Parts Included with Standard System
•Speed Sensor
•Coolant Temperature Sensor 1/8 NPTF
•Oil Temperature Sensor 1/8 NPTF
•Oil Pressure Sensor 1/8 NPTF
•Fuel Level Sensor (top-mount lever-arm)
•Infra-Red Lap Timer Receiver
•5v Supply Module
•Wiring Harnesses
•USB / Serial Port Adapter
•DigiTools Data Analysis software on CDROM including Video Overlay facility (only Camera Required)
•Quick Start / Manual / How to Guides

Optional Extras
•5Hz GPS Receiver
•Additional Sensors (e.g. wideband Lambda, brake pressure, turbo boost etc.)
•Expansion Module (2 extra wheel speed inputs + 8 analogue 0-5v channels)

* Sensors not included in standard package

What can the DD2-PRO+ do?

The PRO+ Display indicates real time information on all key vehicle parameters and is designed to replace all dashboard instrumentation with one compact, light-weight unit. Programmable alarms allow you to preset alarm levels and leave the task of monitoring temperatures and pressures to the PRO+ system, enabling you to get on with the job of driving the vehicle. Programmable shift lights ensure pinpoint gear changes, whilst for bike engines the display can be switched to show engaged gear with a dedicated Neutral input. With key warning lights built-in and a road-legal odometer, the system can be used on road going vehicles if required.

With lap information displays including lap number, total elapsed race time and up to 32 split times, the progress for each lap of the circuit is displayed in real time. Lap times are stored for immediate post-race recall on the display unit as well as with the logged data for full analysis using the DigiTools software (supplied as standard). In addition the lateral and longitudinal on-board G-sensors enable automatic plotting of the Track / Sprint /Hill Climb Maps for each individual lap, providing an immediate visual reference of data combined with actual track position. The PRO+ Datalogger incorporates 64Mb of memory for recording data giving up to 24 hours recording time at a 10Hz sampling rate, which can be increased to 20Hz (samples per second) should the user so desire.

The DD2-PRO+ Datalogger incorporates 13 standard channels:

•Coolant Temp.

•Oil Temperature
•Oil Pressure
•Fuel Pressure
•Fuel Level

•Battery Voltage
•Lateral G
•Longitudinal G
•Distance (metres)

There are four additional 0-5v channels that can be used with any sensor with a 0-5v output. A 5v module is supplied providing separate +5v supply and grounds should they be required to power each sensor independently, making installation very easy. These additional channels can be used to record data on any parameter, examples including throttle position, steering angle, exhaust gas temperature, tyre temperature and suspension travel to name but a few. The DigiTools software has mathematical channels for calibration and display of all types of sensors that have a 0-5v output.

The PRO+ Display unit incorporates dedicated displays for real time indication of these channels as follows:
•Turbo Boost
•Lambda (Air / Fuel Ratio)
•Front Brake Pressure
•Rear Brake Pressure
•Brake Bias

The on-board G-sensors show both lateral and longitudinal forces for evaluating driver performance. Data from the lateral accelerometers can also be used for: drawing the g-sensor derived track map (if not using GPS); optimising vehicle cornering grip; determining tyre slip angles; shock and spring behaviour and understeer / oversteer characteristics. The longitudinal accelerometer can be used for: track mapping; measuring braking forces; showing when the driver is coasting; optimising gear/rear end selection and clutch performance.

Expandable up to 16 extra analogue channels and 4 extra wheel speed inputs

The DD2-PRO+ is fully expandable should more channels be required using Sensor Expansion Modules. These modules are available separately and are fitted in-line on the CANbus link, each adding 8 analogue channels and 2 wheel speed inputs. In addition to the large number of standard channels, 2 expansion modules can be added to the system providing up to 16 additional analogue channels and 4 extra wheel speed inputs.

Additional Software Tools included as Standard

Engine Analysis

The DigiTools software includes a facility for engine analysis. This presents a plot of engine power and torque similar to that which you would get from a rolling road session. These curves are calculated from the longitudinal G, speed and RPM data throughout the data session. The maximum power and torque recorded is calculated at each RPM point and these maxima are plotted. So, only time spent at full throttle is relevant to this plot.Data plots can be plotted and overlaid for comparison enabling you to compare BHP and Torque curves pre and post modification or changes to the engine.

Sensor System Check

The Sensor System Check Tool can be used for checking the status of all connected sensors and their real-time values on one screen, as shown on the left.

Virtual Data Display (Dyno Mode)

Engine data can be viewed in real time when the DD2 Datalogger is connected to a Laptop computer, or a previously saved data file can be loaded and played back in the easily recognisable format of analogue dials.

Video Overlay (1)

The video overlay facility allows you to overlay your race data, track map, lap position and company logos onto the original video stream. The data can then be saved to a separate file for visual analysis, posting onto your website or for future reference. Selecting an individual lap within the video allows you to select the track map and plot the vehicle position around that lap. The video can be advanced frame by frame and manually synchronised with the corresponding lap data.

Video Overlay (2)

A second video file can be loaded into the Video B section and the same process used for synchronising another data set to the video. The videos can then be played together by clicking the play button in the Video A&B box at the bottom of the video window. You can then compare the video from two laps or video sources side by side.

Video Overlay (3)

The Display Mode box allows you to put a scaled version of the video into another window or monitor, or a saved video and data file can be played back using a windows compatible media player.

The Video overlay facility thus allows a visual reference for the comparison of lap times or drivers and is a very useful method of improving car or driver performance. The video overlay software is included free with the DD2 system. All you need is a suitable, inexpensive video camera to record your progress around the circuit. Please note that the processing required for some video codecs is very high and MPEG2 is recommended as the video source file type.

A 5Hz GPS receiver can be purchased separately and provides very accurate speed and positional data. This eliminates the need for a wheel speed sensor and as a result the system can be used effectively on cars, bikes and boats alike. Highly accurate vehicle speed is generated and displayed using the GPS satellite data and enables very accurate track position data (approximately 3m resolution) so that individual lines through corners can be plotted and compared. The GPS receiver also eliminates the requirement for a trackside infra-red beacon for lap timing and enables rally stage routes to be plotted and analysed. In addition to the standard displays, using the GPS receiver provides information on the display unit including: latitude; longitude; altitude; GPS speed; heading and UTC date and time.
Does not include Data logger.

$850.00 USD OBO Al


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