Driving lights & indicators.

I've done a quick search on this one but can't find a conclusive answer.
I need a pair of rectangular driving lamps & round indicators that will fit in the recess below the main headlamp. Does anyone know of a supplier/part Nos for the UK?

Brian Stewart
A couple of types of Lucas indicator light were used - the slightly domed one as found on Austin A55 utes, Morris Minors and Austin A30s, and the more conical ones used on Austin A35s and Minis. Don't have a part number for either but a check on the web for suppliers should bear fruit (both Morrie Minor and Minis have really strong club followings). The spotlight was, as I recall, a Lucas item too - something like a "Pilot 100 or 150" (can't remember the number now). The lamp was used as an accessory light on a few British cars in the sixties and seventies. I believe Bosch produced a similar lamp - possibly also called a Pilot XXX. Sorry I can't supply part numbers. Good luck in your search.
That looks good, I reckon thats what I want to do to mine. The proper sidelight fitted does not seem to be of much use if sidelights are in the headlights already. I do like to see where I am headed! Nice one.

Dave Bilyk

Dave Bilyk
Hi Paul, just took one out to get the details.
In the middle of the lens it says CIBIE IODE and two numbers or a letter and number which are difficult to determine. probably 35 or maybe 25
Left top corner it says SAE02 and right top corner from top to bottom HR then E2 then 150. It has a domed back cover and a threaded securing rod with swivel at the top. Overall dimensions about 150mm wide and 90mm high.
Hope this helps.
I know that everyone here is probably MKI oriented, but I have attached a picture of chassis #1032 just incase anyone else is of the MKII persuasion like myself. I am almost positive that the turn signals are 65-66 mustang. Not sure about the fog lights though.



Lynn Larsen

Lynn Larsen
Hey all,

We did discussed this general subject in the "Historics" section. See this thread: Front Side Marker Lights
You will see there that the place to find the actual lights used is http://www.vintagemotorspares.com/

The turn signals are Lucas lights in the L4xx family. The L488/471 we discussed as being the side marker lights are nearly identical but have a flatter lens; whereas, the turn signals have a conical shape to the lens. When you go to Vintage Motor Sports Spares, you will see what I mean.


Edit: I missed Dave Bache's contribution here of the same information. He and I were coincidentally researching nearly the same thing back then. Sorry, Dave. If I had seen your post, I wouldn't have put the redundant information here.