Mounting of lower Le Mans style driving lights

I have a set of lower Le Mans style driving lights (like P1075) with buckets that are 5.75 inch. I was wondering if anyone had any pics on how they mounted theirs? I think the best option is to mount the buckets behind the clam panel with a hole cut to just allow the headlamp and chrome rim to protrude through. Adjustment would be from behind probably on the mounting pillars. However, before reinventing the wheel here, I'm sure several of you have done this successfully before and might have a photo of the set up. Thanks
Here is a close up picture of 1075 that I shot at Laguna Seca

thanks all - very helpful. I've decided to mount mine from behind with rear adjustment, so buckets mounted on adjustable screws with lens and rim protruding through a cut hole in the light apeture.
Just coming back on this in case it helps anyone else - here are the mounts I made for the lower P1075 style driving lights and how I fixed them inside the clam. C


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