FS EU Eagle Rods and Speed Pro Pistons

So following my engine woes and decision to change my rotating assembly, I am putting my rods and pistons up for sale (rings in photo not included)

They have only ever been installed in for build and turning by hand, never run.

Rods are Eagle SIR5090FP (the press fit variety) and the pistons are Speed Pro Forged L2482F30.

One piston has a slight mark (that I have tried to photo) when I did the P2V check. I have a relatively high lift on my cam (XE274) and larger valves, so this would work with a lower lift cam or smaller valve heads.

Rods are normally £270 at Real Steel and the pistons are $280 (£190) before any shipping and duty. So am putting up for £350. Ideally they would be better to be picked up, happy to meet someone halfway within reason. I could work out how much to post if someone wanted.