Eddie Van Halen


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He plays his famous Steinberger GL2T named "5150"on this track.

My Steinberger below is the rarer GL2 hard tail model which is left handed and minus the later trem.
This guitar was overhauled by Jeff Babicz who did the tech on EVHs guitars.

That was really enjoyable to listen to. I started to learn the guitar as a teenager for a few years. eventually worked out that i was tone deaf and couldn't tell if something was in tune or out. other interests got in the was as well I suppose. Living in a small country town in oz was a bit limiting as well with only a few radio stations to listen to. So never got into Eddie. Have been enjoying listening to some of his back catalog today though.

any others you could recommend!

I wont drift into guitars and their nuances, that could be its own thread all on its own. I wish I had kept my guitar these days. maybe one day I will pick it up again. Will see if the boys get interested in that stuff as they get older.

Cheers Ryan
Spotify has a few Van Halen playlists. Its basically all I have had playing recently. I hadn't realized how many of his songs I actually knew. I remember learning some of them on the guitar years ago, well just the major bar cords.