Electric Race cars

Randy V

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Did you see the video of the electric Autonomous race car at Goodwood?

Larry L.

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The one thing that has to be addressed at Pikes Peak (IMHO) is the lack of effective guard rails of some sort. As a 'race track', that venue is just too dangerous w/o 'em. One screw-up or broken part at P.P. and somebody who'd otherwise walk away with only a bruised ego somewhere ELSE could very easily be off to the morgue there. (It's arguably even too risky for a Sunday drive for many people I've seen on the road these days.)

Anyway, I have to agree with Neil. Perhaps it's an 'age-related' thing, but, for me, watching EVs race is like watching a 'silent movie' - half of the race is missing...for everyone but deaf folks anyway. The only silver lining THERE is the fact one could actually watch an entire race on T.V. with the sound on 'mute' and not miss a darned thing but the verbiage in commercials - the latter being a huge 'plus' IMHO.

As I see it, the only real benefit all EV racecars provide at a venue such as P.P. - up to a point - is the fact their power level/'tune' isn't affected by altitude OR atmospheric conditions. As long as their batteries can provide full power, their motors HAVE full power. But, good grief, my electric drills make the same sound.


(Edit: Can you imagine the intro to "Grand Prix" E.V.-style??? F.F. to 00:12 :

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