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I built an autogyro and flew it out of el mirage several years ago - it is about 5 miles longe and smooth and flat. Perfect place for such a test on any good weekend - although the winds can get up and it gets freekin hot there in the summer.

Aside from the financial penalty associated with running
a Chevy, you'd be subject to substantial verbal abuse.
I've seen proud owners with Chevy powered Cobras literally
get chased off the show field...not fair...but it happens.

Yeah, I assumed the verbal abuse would be a given! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif

I understand the sentiments that would lead to a tongue lashing. And, I probably will end up going with a small block Ford when I do build my Z. I was just curious if it had been done with a Chevy.

Thanks for the info.

I believe Chevrolet (General Motors) actually purchased one of the original GT40s for development purposes. Have to check the references, but that might give some claim for a Chevy engine being historically correct in a GT40...
OK, according to Spain, P/1050 was purchased by General Motors and attached to the 'Chevrolet Engineering Centre' in Warren, MI. However, it was delivered with a Ford 289 engine. There is no mention of whether Chevrolet ever tried fitting one of their own engines during testing.

Lynn Larsen

Lynn Larsen
This car (the chevy owned GT40)is owned by the elder Mr. Kinsler of Kinsler Fuel Injection fame. I had talked to Kinsler's son a year or so ago and made some comments on the board about it. It was in the process of a complete rebuild at the time.

It was in boxes and marked as "parts" during an annual sale of stuff to GM employees, which Mr. Kinsler was at the time. He knew what was in the boxes and bought the hole lot for some rediculously low amount. I don't recall now what that was, but it is in the other thread. Search on Kinsler not on me, because most of my old stuff is marked as Do Not Delete.

It does have a Ford engine in it still.

Has anyone heard of or used a " G-TIMER "? I have heard that it is very accurate and might be of great help to us GT-40 owners and builders. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif Joe www.cnmw.com

Lynn Larsen

Lynn Larsen

I have a G-Tech Pro which is about the same thing. But I would suggest that this discussion is more suited for another thread and possibly on another forum. Possibly you could start a thread on Off Topic or GT40 All - Intertial Performance Meters. It is a good subject to talk about and it was only a short side disccusion here. And, I don't recall it having been discussed before.

Can you pass on more detais as to your engine from the Engine Factory. I'm in the planning stage and want to make a decision on what engine to buy. I am considering a 351 because I'm told the the wieght is only a little more than the 302.

My question is are you running the surpentine belt? If so did you get it from them or supply it on your own?

It looks like your engine is injected, did you have them do it or did you put the injection on after you got the engine?

Thanks Peter

My 351W came with a V-belt setup(March billet aluminum

pulleys), as I was concerned about clearance. You can

order engines from EF with any a` la carte item that you

might want. My engine originally had an Edelbrock Performer

RPM manifold and 750CFM carb, but I am in the process of

changing over to a TWM 8 stack TBI setup and SDS ECU. It

ran great with the carb setup, but I had to have the 8

barrels, instead of four! I should have the car back on the

road again, in a couple of weeks.

I know about a half dozen guys, who have bought engines from

the EF, and like me, they are all very happy with their

engines. Christian Nelson is very easy to work with, had my

engine delivered as promised, on time, and a runner!

Below is a link to the "Dry Lake Racers Australia" DLRA track layout for Lake Gairdner in South Australia. 3 miles to speed up with 3 miles timed and 3 miles to slow down should be enough room. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif

DLRA Track Layout

Has anyone been to Bonneville?