Essential Tools?

Just taken on completing a part-built TS40, with Ford 302 and Renault UN1 013. Here are some pix to show you the starting point. Would be interested to have some tool recommendations, good pop riveter, torque wrench, rivnuts, what else should I get,.. etcetera....

What range of torque setting will I need (generally), min and max?

Size of rivets and riveter. What gauge of ally for the panels,....?

BTW I have several socket sets, 170A welder, plenty of spanners, drills, jigsaw, bench drill, bench grinder, 150mm angle grinder.

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Randy V

Not able to see any pictures yet.. With any space frame car I have ever built, I have made liberal use of Cleco's and Cleco pliers.. Also various shears, cutters, files and de-burring tools.

A platform to hold the car up around waist high is VERY handy for working on the chassis and interior.
I'd suggest at least 50 cleco's, fwiw I found it cheaper to buy from the US despite the postage and import duty!
Torque wrench, Halfords Pro come pretty well rated at a decent price.
I'd go for a 8-60Nm
Halfords | Halfords Professional Torque Wrench 8-60Nm
and 60-300
Halfords | Halfords Professional Torque Wrench 60-300Nm
Ideally the one in the middle too as you're right on the limit of both but you should be OK. I found the 8-60 handles pretty much anything but wheels etc are going to be pretty high, don't know what the TS40 requires but last time I had the hubs off a car they were 300Nm.

Also 1mm cutting disks for the angle grinder along with some aluminium cutting compound, some flap disks, decent permanent markers and plenty of sharp decent drills.

Not sure what drill you have but I found a decent cordless drill easier than a corded. Also you'll need a right-angle adapter.

Rivets, I'm using 4mm, length depends on where you're using them.

Panelling, depends on what grade but 1.2-1.5mm for the most part with 2mm for the tops of the sills and the floor. If you go 'softer' it's easier but you should then use thicker.
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