Fat Larry's GTR Build

If the gen2 have an extra set of injectors, I hope you got the stock ECU with it, I don't see how the aftermarket module could work.
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From what I know so far Ford does not sell a harness yet for the 2017/ 2018 engine swap with manual trans like they did with their crate motors so time for the brain to start working
Ok so far I would say RCR has been great getting me all of the back ordered equipment the transmission arrived last night so I believe the only thing left are the half shafts and I should have what I ordered job well done Kristin the new motor should be here today so time to get plumbing
There two GTR's for sale by a family with change of heart. If anyone interested in immediate possession with essentially free Graz trans, I kind help guide you in the direction. I have NO affiliation other than stumbled across them yesterday.

When you have the opportunity can you pull measurements on the Ecoboost with the turbos attached? Information for these swaps is very hard to find.