Fat Larry's GTR Build

Alan what do you do on the software side I guess what I am asking can you cancel out the PATS if I send you the original ECU that came with the motor I would love to locate a schematic that shows the engine management system wiring it would help a ton
Alan if I forward you the Control Pack Info from the 2013-2015 Crate motor package do you think we could work together to figure out a means to get it to work on the 2017. It appears I make just have to run some wiring to one of the 16 pin plugs that is on the original wiring harness.
I have them. I'm more concerned with finding a wiring diagram for the 2017 fuel injectors. I've had no luck so far.

Ron McCall

Weren't you using Adam at Revolution Automotive for tuning? I can't think of a better person to ask about this issue than him.

Just a thought.
Thanks for the link Ken. I was able to get the wiring diagrams for the Gen2 and Gen1 EB motors. I'm making a pin-out table in Excel now to help make the comparison easier.
The PCM has two ports, which is what I expected. Now I have to look into whether we can run using only one port, since you only seem to have one plug at the moment, or if we have to track down the other half of the harness.
Could I ask a favor Larry. Can you measure your fan shroud for me? Or at least the size that will be required to cover the rad core area.

Are your fans 13"?