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Ok - firstly this is not GT40 related, However I'm currently helping a friend with a newly acquired 'tow car' which I picture below. The car is a 1959 Ford Country Sedan although I'm nicknaming her 'HMS HOOD' as dimensionally I think its similar in overall length! (and possibly weight!)

Anyway, the fitted motor is seized but she came with a spare reportedly from an Edsel but I'm not sure at the moment. The block is marked 352 34, which I think many blocks were marked with. It is a top oiler with hydraulic lifters and 2 bolt mains. Oh and it weighs an absolute TON!!

Not had a proper chance to measure things but it looks to be 4" bore (4.05?) and about 4" stroke - which I think makes it about 410 ci and I am guessing that is also reflected by the 410 markings on the pistons?? However, my book does not seem to show the Edsel being fitted with 410s..?

It's only going to be pulling a lightish 65 race car and so performance is not an issue upon rebuilding, neither is economy for that matter!

Here's a few pictures, of car, interior, some parts and the glovebox contents (apparently it has not been used or run for years!). Also, can anyone spread any light on the markings on the main and big end shells? are the 65 and 85 date codes? or do they mean something else.?




Aaah cool! the old barge or tank fairlane --love those things
FE big blocks are anything from 332ci to 428ci, in Aus they were usually 332s or 390s and bloody heavy but they seemed to chug along forever

332 = 4" x 3.3"
352 = 4 x 3.5
390 = 4.05 x 3.78
410 = 4.05 x 3.98
427 = 4.23 x 3.78
428 = 4.13 x 3.98

the 390 and 427 had all the hipo options
What a cool time capsule! Any idea where that car came from? Those look like the old grocery stamps that stores passed out in the early 70's. Pics are not clear enough to tell for sure.
Yes, Green Stamps.

S&H Green Stamps - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I remember these things from when I was little. I don't know how you got them, but you pasted them into a book and once you had enough you could turn them in for a item out of a catalog.
Ahhh yes - I remember Green Shield Stamps too, you used to get pages of them at a time when you shopped or got fuel. I always thought it was a bit of a con as I seem to recall that even with about 25books of stamps and each book had multiple pages, you'd get something like a toaster, or a deck chair.. :laugh:

If I can find out Mark re the car's origin I'll let you know.


A car has mysteriously appeared on my drive, it gave the kids a terrible frght....so who am I going to call?


And to think Grace thought it an "American Lamborghini". Wendy tells me Grace is my daughter but after that comment maybe not so sure! :)
It is likely a 352 CI engine. The Edsel had some weird engine options
like short stroke 361 CI and 410 CI.
Most later FE blocks have 352 cast on front regardless of final cubic capacity, yours is 410 ( 4.05 bore & 3.98 stroke[428 crank with 390 bore]. Found mainly in F series trucks and large cars/wagons under ford badge in US, plus Edsel & also Mercury in Canada ).

Most FE stuff gets a bad rap courtesy of the USA mentality of its bigger its better and insist on trying to bore it out to 4.125" ( 428 size which only serves to shorten the bore life) ), Fit high volume oil pumps ( which stuffs the pump drive & cam/dizzy gear).
The only thing that needs to be enlarged are the block oil galleries from pump to filter & filter up to the main gallery in the center of valley ( look & you will see why ).

As an afterthought you should check the deck clearance just in case some clever clogs has fitted a set of 410 pistons to a 390 by mistake ( this would leave the piston down about 0.125" or more at TDC ), there should be a small alloy tag somewhere around the coil mounting bracket or intake manifold with the cu in, build date etc if it is a non molested motor.

PM if you need more info.
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Many thanks Jac - I figured you might be along too...:thumbsup:

I've been having a read up of Pat Ganahl's 'Ford Performance' which details exactly what you say about the oil galleries and outlines what's required but if we have any queries I'll drop you a PM to be sure..

Many thanks..
ok, engine is being rebored with lots of new 'lighter' bits like heads and manifold but I have another query and whilst probably obvious, someone will know for sure...

Can we assume that the VIN plate below indicates a 3-speed auto transmission?
(assuming it relates to the trans originally fitted)