first drive in spfgt40p2124

Incredible in a word. I put almost 200 miles on my car last week on roads around oltoff's shop, very pleased. car is incredibly solid and rides as good as my 2005 mustang gt. a bit limited on rear vision and a bit tight for 6ft/1inch 235 lbs guy but was ok. The 427 fe 560 hp pulled as hard in 4th gear as my small block spf cobra pulls in second. Front gets a bit light over 100 mph. I did a couple of burnouts just to check the zf ,so far so good.
jerry d
gt40p2124 spf
congrats Jerry,I am glad it is all you hoped for. They are fun are they not? I am sure you got plenty of looks. You will get somewhat used to the vision problem after a while,but quick lane changes require you to hold your breath.
Your trans will be fine so long as you do not put too sticky of a tire on it.
I'm glad you like your car ! Sounds great.
Check your ride height front and rear. Normally these body shapes are pretty solid up to and over 130mph before they start getting light.