Ford GT40 Factory Blueprints Chassis plans from Ford Advanced Vehicles

So far I have printed out all the drawings, just analysingthem trying to understand the details, brushing up on my third angle projectionect.

Then I spent a few nights creating a contents list in excel thatallows me to categorise each plan based on the section of the car that it dealswith. I can then filter on particular termsto bring up all the plans for a particular area of the car.

Next step will be to convert/redraw them in some form of cadprogram like Solidworks.

There is some double ups in the plans, maybe 5 of them youend up with 2 copies, slightly different file name and the scan is different butit’s the same plan

There is some full car assembly drawings which look tocontain a fair amount of the dimensions needed but I haven’t had a chance tocheck the scale and accuracy of these yet. These carry no drawing numbers, draft person of company details so couldhave come from any ware. There isnothing to indicate the origin of these.

It’s a good start though.

The pictures are mainly from CCD in NZ, and I think 99% ofthem can be found on this site.


Shame. I went to buy some today and they weren't available haha. Thinking of a plan B now.
I have a set of the drawings which I am happy to share. Its very far from a complete set so please dont think you could build a chassis from them. I was just interested to see what all, the fuss was about. I am in favour of any information thats available being open source. The vast majority of us are just interested in discussing the details, we are neither skilled or equiped to flood the market with detail correct reproduction chassis so there is no threat to the dedicated few who are capable. I salute them, its a very complicated assembly and a long way from the far simpler chassis that Lola would have produced at the time.
I've never found a complete set. Occassionally, you see a seller with 4 sheets selling for $10 a sheet. I'm suprised its not openly sourced at a reasonable price.


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some 5% of the GT40 plans are on grabCad for download in pdf. You’ll need to register there though.