1. F

    Hello, from Peru, i´m create a GT, help please.

    Hola, buen dia, soy fernando de peru y estoy creando un GT 2005, necesito ayuda en algunas cosas por favor, si me pudieran ayudar seria de gran ayuda. 1. vende en EEUU, alguna carroceria ya lista para pintar en fibra de vidrio por favor y cuanto es su precio. 2. sobre el motor quiero comprar un...
  2. F

    Flywheel. Ford 302 short block . GTD

    Hi I need to replace my starter as broken. Can someone tell me the info about the flyweel and starter unit I need to buy ? I believe the flywheel is from a Ford V6 (standard GTD ?) ? Many thanks grtz Fred
  3. Mark IV

    2018 LeMans streaming

    Ford will have a streaming service for LeMans again this year. Ford Performance - YouTube
  4. Big-Foot

    2005 Ford GT - Some light cleaning and assembly required...
  5. P

    ord GT40 Gets Destroyed in Nurburgring Crash During 24H Classic Race

    With the Nurburgring currently holding the 24 Hour Classic race, the Green Hell brings the special kind of devastation this weekend. So instead of seeing the infamous German track claiming your modern machines, you'll get to notice the Ring taking a bite out of the kind of retro automobiles you...
  6. J

    help ID and value on XE block and parts

    I'm brand new here but familiar with standard Ford performance parts but not familiar with Ford Race parts. But at least I know enough to know what I don't know. That's why I am here. I'm helping identify and value some vintage performance parts for an estate right now I've found a...
  7. P

    CAV Wide Body No. 104 Lemans Blue **SOLD**

    This is a Mk1 built by CAV in Nov 2005 and fitted out in 2006 by renowned GT40 and Cobra builder Bill Mitchell of HRE Motorsports in New York. Gulf Flares, Twin Snorkel, Lemans Blue Metallic, Silver Center Stripes, Black Perforated Leather. Smiths gauges, 220 mph speedo, Lucas toggle switches...
  8. G

    Borla induction help

    Does anyone know if the fuel injectors on a Borla 8 stack induction on a Ford 351 Winsor the same as for a crate Ford Boss 302. I know the intake would have to change but not sure if anything else would have to change. Any input or suggestions???? Thank you
  9. N

    1971 - Team Manager's Ford Escort race

    I got an email notification that the Jack Brabham Ford Escort Mexico is coming up for sale at a classic car auction. Read through the email to discover what it was all about, and came across an interesting story and video, of how they really used to enjoy themselves before money and winning...
  10. D

    LUCAS 2FRP Headlights - FORD Escort Mk-1

    I have been searching for ages now, for headlights to suit my Tornado GT40. LUCAS Style 2FRP, found in the Ford Escort Mark-1 series and others. Sometime ago, I did purchase some second-hand units which where fine for using to cut out the fibreglass, but the reflectors were badly corroded and...
  11. P

    351w for sale.

    This engine was built at great expense to be used in a fast road/track day 1965 classic Ford Mustang but due to unforeseen personnel circumstances is now being offered for auction. The price is less than what has been spent on it and this will include crating and shipping to a UK address, we...
  12. L

    GT40 Chassis starting point

    Hi all, I tried to search to see if this question has every been asked before and could not find it. My question is this; What production car chassis (if any) most approximates the needed specifications of a ford GT or ford GT40 chassis? Specifically, the windshield, leg room, dash...
  13. M

    Ford probe turn signal

    For anyone that has used a ford probe turn signal. Where did you mount it. Pictures would be helpful. Also how did you mount it. Thanks.
  14. W

    Gt40 design engineer

    A close friend of mine is one of the original design engineers for the ford gt40 program. He and his wife were over for dinner.. He spent time reflecting on his work at ford motor company and with chrysler. Some very interesting stories. He worked under roy lunn who has just passed away. It is...
  15. M

    Transaxle Transverse Sequential Gearbox by Supercar System

    My name is Michele Abbate and I work for Supercar System here in Las Vegas Nevada at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. I want to share our all new patented transverse trans-axle sequential gearbox with you all to get some feedback. The purpose of this post is not to make sales or take preorders -...
  16. R

    Book for sale: GT40 Trevor Legate, Revised Edition

    Book for sale: GT40 Trevor Legate, Revised Edition - REDUCED Now Sold - Thank you Fred
  17. E

    Hello from Florida

    Thanks for letting me join. I don't have a GT40 yet :-) but I am in the hunt for one. I used to be a true blue Ford guy. Back n the 70s I had Mustangs GTA, Machs, and even a 68 500KR in my single Navy days (that would spin up the restorers what I did to it back then for street racing :-) )...
  18. J

    Classic & Sportscar Show NEC Birmingham 10-12 November

    I wish to remind everyone that the ladies and gentlemen of the GT40 Enthusiasts Club have managed to secure GT40P/1019 and P/1042 for the show this weekend, along with two newer Ford GTs and a couple of the best GT40 replicas around. It would be a shame to miss the spectacle, and you are...
  19. T

    GT40 Kellison

    I am building a GT40 Kellison from frame up and may have a few questions along the way. I got my 65 Corvair windshield yesterday and it fits so i am on my way. I am using Porsche transaxle, Ford 302 neutral balanced engine, Porsche 911 front steering with McPherson struts and BMW 328i brakes...
  20. C

    Gt40 2079/1023

    Hello knowledgeable GT40-enthusiasts. I was lucky enough to try the Ford GT40 known as "2079/1023" for an article, that I published on my website - unfortunately, as this is my first post I am not allowed to post a direct link to the site, but the article is on the front page...