Ford GT40 Factory Blueprints Chassis plans from Ford Advanced Vehicles

So far I have printed out all the drawings, just analysingthem trying to understand the details, brushing up on my third angle projectionect.

Then I spent a few nights creating a contents list in excel thatallows me to categorise each plan based on the section of the car that it dealswith. I can then filter on particular termsto bring up all the plans for a particular area of the car.

Next step will be to convert/redraw them in some form of cadprogram like Solidworks.

There is some double ups in the plans, maybe 5 of them youend up with 2 copies, slightly different file name and the scan is different butit’s the same plan

There is some full car assembly drawings which look tocontain a fair amount of the dimensions needed but I haven’t had a chance tocheck the scale and accuracy of these yet. These carry no drawing numbers, draft person of company details so couldhave come from any ware. There isnothing to indicate the origin of these.

It’s a good start though.

The pictures are mainly from CCD in NZ, and I think 99% ofthem can be found on this site.


Randy V

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Quite interesting! Could this be the "Holy Grail" of the GT40 world?
What's to stop any of the buyers from turning around and reselling them?
Surely the seller does not have a copyright on them...
he has sold multiple copies already Randy, or at the very least is selling a second copy as I have one.
I received a small USB memory stick with files on it. Could I re-sell the same usb memory stick?
he has sold multiple copies already Randy, or at the very least is selling a second copy as I have one.
I received a small USB memory stick with files on it. Could I re-sell the same usb memory stick?

Um, yes! But you can now undercut him at Euro 399!!!
Selling someone else's intellectual property at a discount is the internet way. I am sure FAV is hard at work looking for these prints.
Hell, I'll give you 20 bucks for a copy.
As they are now 50 years old, copyright has expired, don't understand what FAV could go after the seller on.
your a funny bloke Jac, your right though, hardly worth the risks involved from my perspective.

Rick, I like the offer of $20 :D but don't think I will risk financial suicide for it.

A while back there was an alternator mount for sale, it has the FAV numbers on it, however obviously finished with a CNC so a latter reproduction. Presume that is also a grey area.

Will be interesting to see if I can make anymore progress with the project now. still many, many challenges to work through. should keep me off the streets and keep the brain ticking over.


I belive that the plans are usable, but remember you need all drawings if you intend to make a exact clone of the Monocoque, belive me , I have been true this . So if you buy theese plans you can make a kind of monocoque, not complete, it might be good enough for most of the builders. You have to been true the building job from clean metal sheets before you really know what challenge this is, and not to mention the amount of tool you need to buy or make.
I love it - "original Ford factory scanned blue prints!" This is "the real deal." Really?

Huh, I wasn't aware there was digital scanning technology around in 1964......
I didn't see it as a huge expense, I already have some body moulds sitting in my shed and am working with a few others in the group of ten to build some cars.

how much is a Ronnie Spain book going for?
how much is some artwork worth to hang on the wall?
how many hours do I have to save to make this worth while?

even just getting the tube shape, size and dimensions for the front and rear frames will help make my tribute more pleasing to the eye from my perspective.

as Bune has suggested, this is not to far from where I was heading in my build diary anyway. its a bit like a big jig saw puzzle.

the tooling stuff is fascinating as well. I have spent a bit of time looking into power hamers, Eckold's, swagers ect. great way of wasting time, but enjoyable non the less.

Eckold Kraftformer kf 665 kf 460 kf 324 - YouTube


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I would like a set but don't do eBay. Does anybody know if the seller has an email address or if somebody is planning to buy a set could I go in on a second set with you? Thanks!
THis set of drawings was for sale here a few years ago from a UK guy called "Paul".

THe only different thing is that in hi ebay add he mentions " 2 Very larges moderns CAD blueprints highly detailled from Ford Racing Division of the whole GT40 chassis and body, 100% accurate and very helpful for the roof and many other details on monocoque structure .You can scale it at any size."

What do they look like?


Just bought a set of the 427 cobra chassis plans. I mean I JUST bought them. I'll let you know how the transaction goes.


It is better to buy a complete monocoque chassis it is cheaper and many many years faster. I know someone to build a chassis
Are there any stamped panels on an original tub that incorporate a compound curve:laugh:?

Other than the Roof/Spider not really any larger 'panels' like that Scott, but many smaller parts that require hammer forms etc- if you have made formers for wing ribs and then made ribs from them you should be fine.