? Fraudulant engine.

Item number on ebay I think may be suspect. 110089189168
I contacted the seller and asked if the item could be bought cash and collect in person but he would not answer the question. I have retracted my bid.
Yes, I emailed him. When he replied, he told me he was out of the country and would arrange delivery (the usual scammers tricks) so I emailed back saying I would report him as being a scammer. I recieved this back...

"Look,I'm not sure what you mean here, and please mind you manners. I guess it's one's right to assume whatever in a free country, but there's no need to be rude... we could at least be polite to each other, don't you think?

You asked if you could come and see the engine, I said I cannot meet timely (I had to be away for a few days to finalise a contract with a supplier). I thought you'd like to perform the item inspection yourself before the end of auction, so you may also have the time to place your best bid accordingly. Now forgive me for being honest here, why don't I just postpone my entire schedule in order to stay put and wait for your arrival, without even knowing you're 100% determined to close a deal. So given the circumstances, I offered an alternative if suitable...
Eventually a face to face deal can be arranged for the auction winner upon request,why not, that would even save my time and shipping expense. Just that I'd like to be there when it happens to make sure all goes well. A happy customer is a returning customer, as they say.

Thanks alot for taking the time to email me, and feel free to report this ,you may do as you please... I know I didn't break any of eBay's rules or policy, I have nothing to hide and I fear nobody for that matter.

Clive Tanner"

I don't think there's any doubt it IS a scam (zero feedback, bidder id's protected etc) but I think lots of people would be taken in by his response.
I think the scammers are getting cleverer.


ps, I'm tempted to try and win the auction and then see what happens....

Steve Briscoe

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simonjrwinter said:
I think the scammers are getting cleverer.

So true. Factual stories of scams and deals gone bad on e-Bay are everywhere. I haven't heard an e-Bay related conversation for at least a year that is free of scenarios involving cheating, fraud or scam. It seems it is easier for black market businesses or closet thieves to accomplish their mission through the internet abyss. That's unfortunate for the well-intended business men and women who help others and make an honest living through e-Bay auction services.

Mike Pass

I'm glad you retracted your bid Martin. I have done the same thing! However there is no way I would ever pay anything without picking the goods up myself first. Ebay need to be more vigilant about possibly dodgy looking stuff.
I have now reported the engine twice to ebay but it still remains active. Why don`t we all bid it to a rediculous amount so no unsuspecting person gets ripped off. I will start the ball rolling with 5K.

Regards Martin.

Mike Pass

I have emailed Ebay re: this item. I have also pointed out to them that anyone selling such an engine would have more photos, put a decent reserve on it and that free postage on a large chunk of metal stretches credulity!
I also emailed and asked the seller for more photos, a landline contact number, address and a receipt relating to the item. Guess what......no reply!
Mike Pass
Hi guys

just checked the feedback on this.

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Thief, tried to pull a SCAM.......
Buyer turbotonyii( 40) 01-Mar-07 17:03 Private

Makes you wonder when the Police will get involved instead of leaving ebay to police themselves


Over the past few years I must have put HUNDREDS of scammers the way of the ebay "police"
They used to pull the auctions almost immediately, but now they just don't bother. I sent them the details of five auctions on ebay run by scammers, they are all still there several days later.
Ebay is getting a much more dangerous place to trade and if they don't do something to protect their members they WILL lose business.
The guy sent me an e-mail after the auction but was very reluctant during the auction. I could get no sense from him so I bailed out. Copy of the e-mail he sent. I woun`t copy here the one I sent him back. Been quiet since.

Hey hey, what's wrong with you??? Please mind your manners... Only now I'm able to check on my emails,as I had to be away due to an urgent family issue. Sorry I couldn't get back to you until now, however we could at least be polite to each other don't you think?
Pick up with cash could've been arranged this week,since you said you were in no hurry to collect.. too bad you missed it, and again I'm sorry for not being able to reply timely.
Have a nice day though

ebay is now getting really dangerous and I for one have stopped almost altogether from using it. If I send an e-mail and get no reply I just forget the item. Its a shame ebay is failing because their are obviously some good people about its just getting harder to spot them.

Regards Martin