g50 - 5th gear

Colin Dalzell

I am looking to change out my fifth gear to give better (meaning lower) cruising rpm. What 5th gear ratios are available and where is a good place to buy?
I cant say enough good about these guys, http://www.phii.net/ I had such great service with them, someone named Roger spent alot of time with me discussing what gear ratios to use as i went with custom ratios in mine. He was very helpfull, and this was before i had even laid down a single penny.
I have to agree with Eric on this one, the guys at Power Haus are helpful and reasonably priced. Paid $200 for a TO brg fork, pivot and guide tube, competitors wanted $300 and the dealers want $350.

As stated above, Roger Brown at PH II is a good choice.
He's a great guy, and probably one of the most knowledgeable
Porsche gearbox guys around.