Geoff's Build Thread


Those are beautiful seats , what brand are they? did you need to modify them? I bought mine from a racing site but had to modify the mounts heavily to lower them and they still may be too tall.

Thanks ,


Thanks Hector, they are Braum Orue seats. The seam to fit beautifully without any modification. Ill be doing another update in a few minutes with a ton more pictures because i havnt updated this build thread in a while.
Long over due update incoming!! I have reached the coveted Go-cart stage! Ill post a link to the youtube video below. When i started the car up kids from all over the neighborhood came running to check out the commotion lol. in short it feels awesome to drive.

Mechanicals: I dont know if i posted this in here because its been a while but i got a prius power steering column and modified its mounting structure to fit in the SLC...really not a hard task overall but does require some cutting and welding. Im extremely happy i did this. its extremely easy to wire in its most simple form, just 2 power and ground connections. This simple wiring puts it in a mode where it provides a medium amount of assist so at speed it feels good and at parking speeds its amazing, like it was meant for the SLC. I also finished welding the exhaust and while im not an artistic tig welder by any stretch it'll do. the custom headers make it so easy to put together the exhaust. Since i used the mini cooper brake booster, i needed a way to get vacuum connection to the unit. I did some research and opted for a master power electronic vacuum generator meant to completely eliminate the engine from the vacuum circuit. I have this installed and the brakes feel amazing with this setup. Having it complete and driving with it now, i can 100% recommend this brake setup for those that want power brakes.

Interior: Ive been off and on working on the dash components and fiberglass work for the dash and corresponding electronics. I re worked the koenigsegg replica bubble to be able to accommodate my digital dash and prius steering column and build a carbon fiber fascia. i think it turned out really well, so i sent the bubble off to be covered in alcantara with white accent stitching. I also programmed my dash to have an SLC come-on splash screen and go into a custom gauge set that i loosely modeled after an LFA display.

Shifter: I ended up going a different direction with the shifter as many people do and went with the R8 gated unit. it definitely feels great once you get it adjusted correctly. Quite a few modifications were required to fit it. the main one is the cable connections. There are different approaches as Cam outlined in his build blogs but i opted to chop the c clip extension off the ball on the bottom of the shifter and i founds that the ball is the same size as a common hood strut ball end. to make this work I took the hood strut end off and threaded it for the 1/4 - 28 threads of the rcr supplied shift cables. this worked beautifully and its a very easy task.


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I love what you did with the exhaust, I may follow your lead down the road. A couple of questions

How loud is It? I am trying to find ways to quiet mine a bit .

Any clearance issues with the rear clam?

Obviously I will have to switch my air intake to the side.

Hope you make lots of progress in 2024 !!! Keep up the great work